Rugged Valley New Zealand

Best Automotive Seat Covers Manufacturer - New Zealand
Rugged Valley is a Kiwi owned business based in the beautiful town of Masterton. We manufacture hard-wearing canvas seat covers designed to protect your vehicle’s seats. As a 100% NZ Made brand, we understand that Kiwis need seat covers that can take a thrashing. Our seat covers are made from a 12oz canvas - waterproof, rot-proof and life-proof. We started out in 2006 – with many brands shifting production to China, NZ's depleted sewing industry desperately needed a revival. And we want to forever be a part of that. Manufacturing our own products allows us to do shorter runs, have greater control over the quality of our products and most importantly, employ a team of good honest Kiwis. Allowing Kiwis to do what they do best. Work hard. Play hard.