Best SME POS App 2021: POSiSales
<p>The POSiSales contract-free app for iPad is for SME businesses that need a point-of-sale solution.</p> <p>POSiSales can use a Bluetooth or LAN receipt printer, cash drawer or mobile printer and allows your data to run on the iPad without needing Internet or Cloud access.</p> <p>Of-course, POSiSales on iPad can also use your Wi-Fi or ethernet LAN network and POSiSales connects to multiple printers on one or more iPads.</p> <p>Discounts, split billing, a customer database, fractional quantities, Till reconciliation and reporting of transactions, tax, profit, payment method are just some of the features.</p> <p>All reports from iPads are sent to Dropbox.</p> <p>Website: www.posisales.com.au<br /> Email: sales@posisales.com.au<br /> Mobile : 61 431 33 44 55<br /> Tel: 61 3 8849 9141</p>