Entermission Sydney

Best Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience 2021
<p>Entermission is one of the most popular activities in Sydney due to the unique and amazing experiences it provides people of all ages! It&#8217;s Sydney&#8217;s only virtual reality escape rooms with hand tracking and real-life SPECIAL EFFECTS &#8211; feel the wind and heat on your face, smell the gunpowder and smoke! Get projected into amazing virtual worlds with friends as Avatars. See, hear and interact as a team to find clues, solve puzzles, fly through outer space and perform impossible feats to complete your mission in an action packed 60 minutes. Choose from Space Heroes or Mad Mind (more coming soon)!</p> <p>Business Email: sydney@enterthemission.com<br /> Phone Number: 02 9267 3873<br /> Website: https://enterthemission.com/sydney/<br /> Facebook: https://facebook.com/entermission-syd<br /> Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entermission.syd/</p>