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2020 Winner


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Best Consumer Intelligence Company 2020

About Dattel: Dattel is a leading Consumer Intelligence company that gathers and provides omnichannel consumer data for a holistic understanding of ASEAN consumers. With Dattel’s suite of products & services, businesses are empowered with actionable insights on consumer trends to develop the right strategies and implement tactics effectively at the speed of business to remain relevant in the market and be ahead of the competition. Having begun operations in 2014, Dattel maintains curated consumer cohorts in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to provide the infrastructures and Consumer Intelligence that allow companies to research and analyse consumers at an unprecedented level of depth, agility and granularity. With the expertise to provide behavioural and attitudinal data across ten lifestyle verticals, Dattel empowers businesses with a holistic and nuanced understanding of ASEAN consumers that allow them to add value to their existing and new customers. About the CEO: Ashran Dato’ Ghazi is the CEO of Dattel – a leading Consumer Intelligence company that gathers omnichannel consumer data that are accurate, agile, deeper, wider & faster to provide a holistic understanding of consumers. With previous roles in government as the CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in May 2016 to the co-founder of Joota and to Chairman of myNEF, myHarapan, Ashran is a well-known figure in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem across ASEAN.