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2021 Winner

Crisp Copy

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Crisp Copy

Best Copywriting Service 2021

Jay Crisp Crow is a multi award-winning copywriter and copy mentor working with women around the world.

Through Crisp Copy, Jay dishes up blow-your-hair-back premium copywriting for big brands and businesses and teaches businesswomen – including up-and-coming copywriters – how to write copy that sells. She regularly speaks on stage – both in person and virtually – about copywriting, branding, messaging, and not being a boring-pants.

Her podcast, So Crisp, has been listened to in over 20 countries by thousands of ears and her range of copywriting programs and downloadables has hit tens of thousands of inboxes during the last 5 years.

She’s a wicked tap dancer, can belt out a show tune, and may do both at any given time. Without warning.

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