Bamboosaurus Studio

Most Innovative Sustainable Architectural Firm 2023 - Thailand
Winner image
<p>As the new blood, we are interested in</p> <p>using natural construction materials to</p> <p>design the buildings that satisfy how</p> <p>human spend their life time together</p> <p>or even with nature. We use bamboo</p> <p>as the main material and we aim to</p> <p>continue developing to find the new</p> <p>ways of using it.</p> <p>We have spent a lot of time learning</p> <p>about bamboo in details so this makes</p> <p>the bond between us and bamboo</p> <p>strong, and it also motivates us to</p> <p>make it well-known in Thailand and in</p> <p>overseas countries. With the m</p>