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Welcome to the Australian Made Awards 2023 We are pleased to announce that, after a very successful first instalment, the Australian Made Awards 2023 are returning once again! Organised by APAC Insider, a leading brand that covers the latest news, insights, and trends in the Asia-Pacific region, the awards celebrate the excellence, creativity, and resilience of Australian businesses across the production and manufacturing industries. By entering the Australian Made Awards 2023, you will be able to showcase your products and services to a regional audience of industry professionals. These awards are the perfect opportunity for you to gain recognition and credibility for your hard work and achievements in the manufacturing and production industries in Australia. The manufacturing and production industries in Australia are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in 2023. The global pandemic, trade tensions, environmental & geopolitical issues, digital transformation, and changing consumer preferences are reshaping the landscape and creating new demands and expectations. The entire APAC region is continuing its impressive rebound from the effect of global lockdowns. While only 6.8% of Australia’s population is employed in manufacturing, it looks poised to see positive flow-on effects from the surging APAC region. Ongoing market instabilities will drive more than half of Australian businesses to bring back overseas manufacturing jobs to Australia in high volumes. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Access Holdings International Pty Ltd: Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier 2023 6. Just Tint Melbourne: Best Window Tinting Company 2023 - Victoria 7. Innofocus Photonics Technology Pty Ltd: Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023 8. Aussie Dinkum Calibration: Leading Provider of Calibration Services 2023 - Melbourne 10. BTL Aesthetics: Most Innovative Aesthetic Solutions Manufacturer 2023 Contents

May22239 Oct23287 Founded in 2003, Access Holdings International (AHI) is a global manufacturer and distributor of vertical access platform lifts. The company has one of the largest ranges of vertical access man lifts in the world, ranging from 3.5m to 20m. Access Holdings International is proud of its flexible approach to logistics and commitment to quality. For its dedication to high standards and safety, Access Holdings International has received our award for the Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AHI has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer and distributor. The company has a portfolio of 45 product models grouped under two Australian brands Up-Lift and Quick Lift which are distributed to 48 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. All products are made under an ISO9001 quality management system and are fully compliant with European, Australian, and other country-based compliance standards. AHI is dedicated to supplying its high-quality, cost competitive and innovative vertical access personnel lifts to meet the demands of its global customers. It is the company’s key objective to increase the presence of Australian brands in the access equipment sector. Australia is renowned for implementing strict compliance rules to produce high-standard products for domestic and international customers. AHI’s qualified team of engineers and managers ensures that all products adhere to the highest quality standards and consistently improve for the benefit of consumers. In a competitive industry, it is important that AHI continues to develop and innovate to stay ahead of its global competitors. The business offers a wide array of aerial platforms, categorised as either low-level access platforms or standard aerial platforms. During the pandemic, AHI developed its range of ladder replacement products, Low-Level-Access platforms. These platforms can be manually propelled push around type, or self-propelled motor driven type. Quick Lift mini scissor lifts have been designed as a reliable alternative to ladders and scaffolds. The UB/ UBL series lift is manufactured to deliver reliable performance, facilitate easy operation, and ensure complete safety. Manually propelled UB mini scissors are ideal for workers that require vertical access up to heights of 5.9 metres. Quick Lifts can be used in warehouses, supermarkets, department stores, offices, construction fields, hospitals, schools, and many other work environments. Its key features include free-standing operation, rechargeable 12V maintenance-free battery power, smooth accent/descent, a nonslip floor, and secure gating. The mini scissor lifts also have dual control points, emergency stops, and forklift pockets. AHI also offers the UC series Man Lifts, another manually propelled Low Level Access lift constructed to work at heights and minimise the risk of injury. The lift’s advanced design and efficient structure ensure easy operation in tight working areas. All models can pass through a standard 2-metre doorway and can fit into normal passenger and goods lifts. The design is safety oriented and includes tilt and descent alarms, emergency stop buttons, an emergency down valve, a spring-loaded platform gate lock, and both manual and automatic brake mechanisms. The UC series Man Lifts is also powered by a 12V maintenancefree Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. The equipment features a reliable electrically powered hydraulic system, battery charge indication, safety harness point, maintenance safety locking device, and an external power socket for emergency use. It can be used for cleaning, repairing, inspecting, decorating, installing, and many other functions. Further offerings include standard aerial platforms, both manually and self-propelled. The Up-Lift UE series vertical man lift has been specifically designed to consider safety and ergonomic requirements. The lift is compact, light, and adheres to AHL’s high quality and safety standards. Constructed using Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier 2023

APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 the latest available technology, the vertical man lift utilises an electrically powered hydraulic system to ensure reliable and user-friendly operation. The UE vertical man lift has the unique inclusion of a central mast, which minimises machine vibration and enhances safety and stability. The lift includes a multi-function control panel, stainless steel cages, and high-quality spiral electric cable. The central mast utilises high strength and durable aircraft aluminium materials which reduces the overall weight and improves stability. The various UE models offer working heights between 8m and 16.5m and are suitable for internal atriums in modern buildings, façade & high ceilings, stadiums, exhibition halls, foyer lighting works, and many other applications. Fostering a positive company culture encourages the team to consistently seek innovations and strive for success. With over 20 years of industry experience, AHI has developed a strong customer focus within its supportive environment. The company understands that a positive culture creates a more efficient workforce and provides facilities for the entertainment and convenience of its staff to enjoy during their downtime. It is a priority for AHI to identify candidates in the recruitment process who share the same company values of respect, safety, and high-quality standards. The organisation has created a supportive and dedicated team with the capacity to achieve AHI’s long-term goals. Most recently, AHI has faced increasing cost pressures in parts acquisition and the manufacturing process of its LLA platforms. Its skilled engineers are required to be selective with parts sourcing while maintaining consistent high-quality standards. AHI aims to introduce more innovative designs and customised products tailored to meet their specific needs. The company’s strategic plans involve the expansion of its product range and further penetration into global markets. AHI is confident of the future potential growth in its new range of low-level access platforms and is working hard to further expand its capability and scope. The company has now established two factories overseas to satisfy its customer demands. With a mission to maintain its competitive position through its flexible approach to logistics and consistent delivery of high-quality standards, AHI will increase the presence of Australian brands in its industry by continuing to distribute its superior products to global markets. Access Holdings International has received an Australian made award for this year’s Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier. Contact: Vincent Sim Company: Access Holdings International Pty Ltd Web Address:

APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 Just Tint Melbourne offers a quality window tinting service that can be used for cars, homes, and commercial projects. The company uses the latest technology for a flawless solution, applied in its state-of-the-art workshops by highly skilled professionals. Just Tint also offers paint/interior coating and protection films, automotive electronics, and car detailing services at its multiple stores. Just Tint was born 17 years ago when 2 friends who were “just trying to make a difference” began working in a small garage. Fast forward to today with dealerships, showrooms and retail outlets located in Dandenong, Mornington, and Pakenham, and it’s clear that Just Tint are in it for the long haul. The firm is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction across the board, and will never retrench on quality. As Melbourne’s largest window tinting workshop, it is focused on providing a service that goes beyond expectations for all its valued customers. Window tinting is an option you might choose to improve your cars aesthetic and functional features. Reasons for doing so include improving the driver’s comfort level by reducing heat and glare, protecting the car’s interior surfaces from sun damage, and to provide a cooler more comfortable ride as it helps stop the car from overheating. In addition, airconditioning works better in a cooler car so it could save on fuel, plus it provides privacy and enhances the style and appearance of your motor. “Our experienced tint technicians look forward to assisting you in choosing the right vehicle window tint for your needs. Look no further than Just Tint for an affordable and high-quality car tinting in Melbourne.” It is worth noting that not all window tinting companies are equal, and it pays to make the right choice. Just Tint is proud to state that all of its films and products are highly recommended by the Cancer Foundation, for their sun/ UV blocking qualities. The staff at Just Tint will be happy to provide you with the very best service, and assist in your selection of the carefully selected range of car window tinting solutions. It’s aim is to provide you with a superior and hassle-free vehicle tinting process that’s as easy as pie. As it uses high quality films, applied by qualified technicians, it is happy to assure customers that it covers all labour with a full lifetime warranty. Just Tint is supremely confident its vehicle tints will never bubble, chip, fade or lose optical clarity. It is pleased to be able to provide its customers with the best customer service experience for their car, home and office needs, with a life time warranty on all its services including car window tinting, home windows tinting, commercial tinting, paint/interior coating, automotive electronics, and paint protection films. Just Tint is Melbourne’s leading aftermarket specialist, with much pride taken in the way it applies its solutions with craft and care. It is trusted by leading car manufacturers such as Nissan, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce for providing the best window tinting and car care expertise in Melbourne. It has also received five-star feedback from many happy customers, such as Yong L who praises the company, saying “Just Tint is the place to go! Professional, friendly service, price is great, they even give you a loan car if needed, did a fantastic job, highly recommend Dan and the team.” It’s little wonder Just Tint Melbourne has been named as Best Window Tinting Company 2023 – Victoria in the Australian Made Awards. This is the second year in a row this outstanding company has picked up an award, and we hope it will not be the last as the company continues to go from strength to strength. Contact Details Company: Just Tint Melbourne Web Address: Contact Name: Katelin Walker Best Window Tinting Company 2023 - Victoria Aug23490

Feb22538 APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 The relentless progress of computing and information technologies in the 21st century has pushed Moore’s Law to its limits. But, with Innofocus, the future looks more promising. Here we learn more about Innofocus from CEO and Founder Frank Yao as it wins its title in the Australian Made Awards 2023. As we stand at the threshold of miniaturisation’s physical constraints, integrated photonic chips have emerged as a beacon of hope, poised to supplant silicon chips as the cornerstone of future technological advancements. These photonic marvels promise to deliver a transformative leap in performance, offering unparalleled throughput, reduced power consumption, and minimised heat generation, heralding a new era of innovation that transcends the limitations of Moore’s Law. The realisation of commercial integrated photonic chips hinges on meticulous quality control measures, a feat that has yet to be accomplished. The lack of a method capable of precisely characterising the structural integrity of photonic chips and devices, as defined by their threedimensional refractive index distributions, presents formidable challenges for the development and quality control of integrated photonic chip products. Innofocus has been at the forefront of intelligent nanofabrication equipment and photonic device development. As a global leader in deep-tech equipment manufacturing, Innofocus has pioneered the nanoLAB H3D, a patented intelligent laser nanofabrication system equipped with ground breaking 3D refractive index quantitative metrology capabilities. This unique technology represents the world’s first commercially available nanofabrication system capable of performing not nanoscale fabrication but also in-situ 3D refractive index characterisation and imaging, positioning Innofocus as an indispensable player in the design, manufacturing and characterisation of integrated photonic devices commercialisation. Harnessing the power of in-situ inspection, the nanoLAB H3D unveils the intricate 3D structural information of photonic devices, meticulously measuring the spatial distribution of the refractive index with an astounding precision of 10-3. This comprehensive structural insight sheds light on the fundamental properties that govern the performance of photonic devices, shaping critical parameters such as coupling efficiency and insertion loss. By deciphering the intricate interplay between structural information and performance parameters, developers and manufacturers can harness the power of precise structural control to optimise photonic device performance. This revolutionary technique eliminates the conventional, time-consuming iterative development process, replacing it with a high-speed, non-destructive quantitative measurement approach, paving the way for the optimal manufacturing of photonic devices with unparalleled quality control by extending their scrutiny beyond the final product to encompass each step of the manufacturing process. This unprecedented level of oversight not only ensures the highest quality of photonic devices but also empowers manufacturers to identify and rectify manufacturing deficiencies early on, significantly reducing the incidence of product failures. Thisequipmentoffersunparalleled flexibility and versatility, serving as an indispensable tool for the development of a wide spectrum of integrated photonic devices, including 3D complex optical waveguides, fiber Bragg gratings, photonic wire bonding, and microlens arrays. It provides robust support for a diverse range of applications across industries such as optical communication, optical sensing, VR/AR, optical computing, and storage. In a significant step forward, Innofocus is set to unveil a standalone metrology equipment this year, the HoloView 3DRI, addressing the burgeoning demand for quality control in photonic devices. This new equipment will further improve Innofocus’s full stack capabilities of developing world-class new devices that will fuel the global photonics revolution in the postMoore’s Law era. At Innofocus, our culture is built upon our motto: “Keep Innovating, Stay Focused.” We are deeply committed to laser nano-fabrication equipment development, advanced photonic devices nano-manufacturing, and new nanostructured material development. We are proud to be awarded the “Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023.” This award is not just a recognition of the efforts of our team, but a testament to the dedication and innovation of Innofocus in pushing the boundaries of photonics and metrology fields. Contact Details Contact: Frank Yao Company: Innofocus Photonics Technology Pty Ltd Web Address: Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023 Aug23495

Jan22686 APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 Serving clients across Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and the rest of Australia, Aussie Dinkum Calibration is a NATA traceable and Certified ISO 9001 company that provides a wide range of in-house and onsite calibration, Medical AS3551 Test and Tag, and repair services. Committed to quality and renowned on the Australian market, the company is proud to be a customer-centric organisation that adheres to the industry with ISO and NATA traceable standards. Leading Provider of Calibration Services 2023 - Melbourne With many years of experience in its field, Aussie Dinkum Calibration’s work involves calibrating test and measuring equipment, and medical equipment, for companies using the industry’s best apparatus. All of which meet the standards set by the government, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Australia, and other countries, and other recognised international bodies. Its services are performed within a sensitive, environmentally controlled laboratory that is traceable to the NATA calibration facility. The company specialises in serving organisations in a plethora of industries, such as medical, Petro-chemical, marine, food, refineries, power, desalination, gas, processing, and more. Aussie Dinkum Calibration’s services include the calibration of instruments, including Medical equipment, flow, level, temperature, pressure, mass, electrical, and Civil, as well as field instruments, process control instrumentation. MELBOURNE | SYDNEY | ADELAIDE | PERTH | BRISBANE Call Us꞉ +61 1800 808 777 | Sep23382 The company works with MNC companies, Defence of Australia, Govt Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics, Medical chains like BUPA, Medical Research Centres, etc. Furthermore, Aussie Dinkum Calibration provides electrical testing and tagging and calibration of transmitters with manifolds. On top of this, it offers the services of skilled technicians for commissioning, routine, and shutdown maintenance, as well as calibration on a short- and long-term basis. The company also delivers hydro testing and certification services, oil suction hoses, and water hoses, etc. To deliver these services to a high standard, Aussie Dinkum Calibration employs a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians. With their expertise, the company is equipped to provide quality calibration and repair services for all types of testing and measurement instruments. Whether it is a gas monitor or a flow metre calibration in Medical Industry, the company promises a up to 48 hour turnaround. When a customer enlists the help of Aussie Dinkum Calibration, the process begins with the collection and logging of their complete instrument inventory. They will be sent an alert when their equipment is due for calibration, inviting them to contact the company when they would like to book the service. At the agreed time, the customer will need to send their equipment to Aussie Dinkum Calibration or drop it off at the laboratory, where its technicians will perform a routine check then complete the required calibration service. Following this, the instrument can be returned or picked up, and a new calibration due date will be recorded in the company’s system. Throughout the process, Aussie Dinkum Calibration ensures that all works adhere to the tolerances detailed by the manufacturer’s specifications. In everything it does, Aussie Dinkum Calibration upholds three core values. Firstly, it aims to be the best in its field by keeping its promises, valuing its relationships with clients, and focusing on quality, health, safety, and the environment. Secondly, the company works hard to overcome obstacles by easily adapting to any situation, welcoming both positive and negative challenges, and striving to do things better. Lastly, the Aussie Dinkum Calibration team are committed to collaboration, working with each other and with clients to achieve the desired objectives. For its outstanding services, Aussie Dinkum Calibration has received several positive reviews on Google, resulting in its impressive five-star rating. For example, one client describes their positive experience, stating, “I asked for a quote which I received within a couple of hours. I took my instruments to be calibrated which was completed within 24 hours. As I live close by to an engineer at ADC, they even delivered my equipment to my door personally. 10 out of 10 service!! I would highly recommend. Lovely people to deal with.” In light of this praise, it is no surprise that Aussie Dinkum Calibration has been named Leading Provider of Calibration Services in the Australian Made Awards 2023. In the future, the company aims to grow and expand its customer base by continuing to offer excellent services, technical support, and competitive pricing. Overall, it hopes to ultimately emerge as a market leader in the delivery of quality calibration services. Contact Details Contact: Monil Patel (Director) Company: Aussie Dinkum Calibration (Aussie Dinkum Pty Ltd) Web Address:

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Possessing more than 30 years of continuous innovation within the medical and aesthetic equipment market, BTL Aesthetics is one of the world’s most celebrated and esteemed manufacturers of its kind, with offices in more than 80 countries across the globe. The company proudly develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive portfolio of recognised products, and over the last decade has developed a series of non-invasive medical systems, namely EMSCULPT NEO®, EMFACE®, EMSCULPT®, EXION™, EMSELLA®, EMSCULPT® and EMTONE®. Through these products, the company has served to revolutionise the aesthetic market, offering solutions that are the most advanced in the field. We speak with BTL Australia’s Sales Director Gareth Pepper, to learn more about these innovative products that rule one of the fastest-growing segments of the aesthetic medicine market. Since its founding in 1993, BTL has gone on to cement its place among the world’s elite manufacturers of aesthetic equipment, developing a host of aesthetic solutions that cater to an array of industry needs. Years of extensive research and development has resulted in the BTL Aesthetics team being able to substantially enlarge and diversify the company’s portfolio, and innovations have been experienced across multiple medical specialities, with a number of patents being secured that have proved detrimental to the benefiting of patients’ lives, both physically and mentally. To this end, the business is proud to have caused an aesthetic revolution, offering the most advanced noninvasive solutions in areas such as body shaping, cellulite, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and other such treatments. 2023 has seen BTL celebrate three decades of innovation, capping off several years of launching multiple top-of-therange devices, introducing unique synergistic combinations of treatments and protocols that has launched the company head and shoulders above other market competitors. The company’s foundation, and subsequent legacy, encapsulates a commitment to strong scientific research. Spanning seven major markets consisting of more than 6200 BTL providers globally, more than two million EMSCULPT brand treatments have been carried out worldwide since its introduction in 2018. All of the products offered by the company are developed in-house and backed by this commitment to strong scientific research across every stage of the manufacturing process. The quality and reliability of the brand thus speaks for itself; proud to innovate, and proud to be in Australia. In order to ensure continued growth and success, BTL has fostered a nurturing culture that champions a friendly atmosphere, inviting every individual within its ranks to join the company’s extended family, a diverse, caring, and dedicated community which happily pertains to the high standards the company holds itself to, making a true difference within the aesthetic medical sector. Since we spend the majority of our lives working, it is the organisation’s overall goal to help each team member grow on a personal and professional level, aiming to adjust their journey to coincide with that of the wider company. BTL thus offers a host of employment opportunities and benefits, and in return, seeks only for its employees to show respect, trust, and loyalty, three traits necessary for the company to operate at the consistently high level for more than 30 years now, and allowing for the cultivation of mutually beneficial partnerships with the top industry experts which the company frequently liaises and works with. The business strives to deliver the best possible results to customers, and the wider industry alike, and knows that this can only be achieved through individuals working as a team to reach shared targets and achieve joint goals. To this end, a dynamic and collaborative working environment is given the Most Innovative Aesthetic Solutions Manufacturer 2023 Sep23515

APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 uppermost importance, where success is fuelled by the dedication and enthusiasm of BTL’s expert team. This is why a strong emphasis is placed on hiring candidates who clearly demonstrate not only the required skills and qualifications but embody creativity and passion within their craft. Individuals are sought out who are willing to go the extra mile in the constant pursuit of excellence, demonstrating a commitment to improvement and innovation in equal parts. It is this combination of skill, attitude, and cultural fit that forms the foundation of the firm’s hardworking and vibrant workforce. Speaking of innovative pursuits, it was the company’s own EMSCULPT that served to pave the way for an entirely new category in the aesthetic medicine field several years ago, putting a core focus onto the muscles. For a considerable amount of time following the release of this groundbreaking technology, and even up to today, a host of rival companies have introduced their own variations of this technology, with almost all of them providing no evidence to back up their devices. In contrast to this, every product launched by BTL Aesthetics is launched with solid research behind it and bolstered by an impressive number of detailed studies corroborating the evidence. These technologies are all developed years before they are released onto the market, and thus have had ample time to be tested and researched in a variety of ways across a host of scenarios. One keen example of this is the newly launched EXION, a multi-platform tool designed to address face and body concerns, and offering results that are unrivalled in the market. As Gareth explains, “the [EXION] device is the result of years of research, 14 clinical studies, 11 evaluation methods, 1200 study treatments, and more than 20 investigators who examined its effects from multiple angles.” It is incredibly unlikely that there is any other firm within the sector that commits wholeheartedly to such rigorous testing of every product which it introduces, carrying out comprehensive background checks and being fully aware of the impact it will have on the lives of those who are treated using it. For the team, this is the most rewarding aspect of the work they undertake, knowing results will be seen both locally and around the globe on a daily basis. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, BTL Aesthetics’ primary objective is to continue to hone its core strength, providing the market with cutting edge technology that offers demonstrable results in enhancing the well-being and lives of patients. Using the example of EXION once more, artificial intelligence technology has been used to transform the conventional approach to treating the problem, namely the painfully fractional RF micro-needling treatments, to provide patients results that are remarkable, without the need for discomfort. It is the unbridled ambition possessed by BTL Aesthetics to never settle and constantly innovate, that has led to it winning this award. With an assortment of groundbreaking technologies that serve to better the lives of people suffering with elements of their appearance an immeasurable amount, noninvasive treatment methods are becoming the norm, thus opening the gates for more people to seek treatment. Find out more about BTL Contact: Gareth Pepper Company: BTL Aesthetics Australia Web Address: