Australian Made Awards 2023

Jan22686 APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 Serving clients across Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and the rest of Australia, Aussie Dinkum Calibration is a NATA traceable and Certified ISO 9001 company that provides a wide range of in-house and onsite calibration, Medical AS3551 Test and Tag, and repair services. Committed to quality and renowned on the Australian market, the company is proud to be a customer-centric organisation that adheres to the industry with ISO and NATA traceable standards. Leading Provider of Calibration Services 2023 - Melbourne With many years of experience in its field, Aussie Dinkum Calibration’s work involves calibrating test and measuring equipment, and medical equipment, for companies using the industry’s best apparatus. All of which meet the standards set by the government, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Australia, and other countries, and other recognised international bodies. Its services are performed within a sensitive, environmentally controlled laboratory that is traceable to the NATA calibration facility. The company specialises in serving organisations in a plethora of industries, such as medical, Petro-chemical, marine, food, refineries, power, desalination, gas, processing, and more. Aussie Dinkum Calibration’s services include the calibration of instruments, including Medical equipment, flow, level, temperature, pressure, mass, electrical, and Civil, as well as field instruments, process control instrumentation. MELBOURNE | SYDNEY | ADELAIDE | PERTH | BRISBANE Call Us꞉ +61 1800 808 777 | Sep23382 The company works with MNC companies, Defence of Australia, Govt Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics, Medical chains like BUPA, Medical Research Centres, etc. Furthermore, Aussie Dinkum Calibration provides electrical testing and tagging and calibration of transmitters with manifolds. On top of this, it offers the services of skilled technicians for commissioning, routine, and shutdown maintenance, as well as calibration on a short- and long-term basis. The company also delivers hydro testing and certification services, oil suction hoses, and water hoses, etc. To deliver these services to a high standard, Aussie Dinkum Calibration employs a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians. With their expertise, the company is equipped to provide quality calibration and repair services for all types of testing and measurement instruments. Whether it is a gas monitor or a flow metre calibration in Medical Industry, the company promises a up to 48 hour turnaround. When a customer enlists the help of Aussie Dinkum Calibration, the process begins with the collection and logging of their complete instrument inventory. They will be sent an alert when their equipment is due for calibration, inviting them to contact the company when they would like to book the service. At the agreed time, the customer will need to send their equipment to Aussie Dinkum Calibration or drop it off at the laboratory, where its technicians will perform a routine check then complete the required calibration service. Following this, the instrument can be returned or picked up, and a new calibration due date will be recorded in the company’s system. Throughout the process, Aussie Dinkum Calibration ensures that all works adhere to the tolerances detailed by the manufacturer’s specifications. In everything it does, Aussie Dinkum Calibration upholds three core values. Firstly, it aims to be the best in its field by keeping its promises, valuing its relationships with clients, and focusing on quality, health, safety, and the environment. Secondly, the company works hard to overcome obstacles by easily adapting to any situation, welcoming both positive and negative challenges, and striving to do things better. Lastly, the Aussie Dinkum Calibration team are committed to collaboration, working with each other and with clients to achieve the desired objectives. For its outstanding services, Aussie Dinkum Calibration has received several positive reviews on Google, resulting in its impressive five-star rating. For example, one client describes their positive experience, stating, “I asked for a quote which I received within a couple of hours. I took my instruments to be calibrated which was completed within 24 hours. As I live close by to an engineer at ADC, they even delivered my equipment to my door personally. 10 out of 10 service!! I would highly recommend. Lovely people to deal with.” In light of this praise, it is no surprise that Aussie Dinkum Calibration has been named Leading Provider of Calibration Services in the Australian Made Awards 2023. In the future, the company aims to grow and expand its customer base by continuing to offer excellent services, technical support, and competitive pricing. Overall, it hopes to ultimately emerge as a market leader in the delivery of quality calibration services. Contact Details Contact: Monil Patel (Director) Company: Aussie Dinkum Calibration (Aussie Dinkum Pty Ltd) Web Address: