Australian Made Awards 2023

APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 uppermost importance, where success is fuelled by the dedication and enthusiasm of BTL’s expert team. This is why a strong emphasis is placed on hiring candidates who clearly demonstrate not only the required skills and qualifications but embody creativity and passion within their craft. Individuals are sought out who are willing to go the extra mile in the constant pursuit of excellence, demonstrating a commitment to improvement and innovation in equal parts. It is this combination of skill, attitude, and cultural fit that forms the foundation of the firm’s hardworking and vibrant workforce. Speaking of innovative pursuits, it was the company’s own EMSCULPT that served to pave the way for an entirely new category in the aesthetic medicine field several years ago, putting a core focus onto the muscles. For a considerable amount of time following the release of this groundbreaking technology, and even up to today, a host of rival companies have introduced their own variations of this technology, with almost all of them providing no evidence to back up their devices. In contrast to this, every product launched by BTL Aesthetics is launched with solid research behind it and bolstered by an impressive number of detailed studies corroborating the evidence. These technologies are all developed years before they are released onto the market, and thus have had ample time to be tested and researched in a variety of ways across a host of scenarios. One keen example of this is the newly launched EXION, a multi-platform tool designed to address face and body concerns, and offering results that are unrivalled in the market. As Gareth explains, “the [EXION] device is the result of years of research, 14 clinical studies, 11 evaluation methods, 1200 study treatments, and more than 20 investigators who examined its effects from multiple angles.” It is incredibly unlikely that there is any other firm within the sector that commits wholeheartedly to such rigorous testing of every product which it introduces, carrying out comprehensive background checks and being fully aware of the impact it will have on the lives of those who are treated using it. For the team, this is the most rewarding aspect of the work they undertake, knowing results will be seen both locally and around the globe on a daily basis. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, BTL Aesthetics’ primary objective is to continue to hone its core strength, providing the market with cutting edge technology that offers demonstrable results in enhancing the well-being and lives of patients. Using the example of EXION once more, artificial intelligence technology has been used to transform the conventional approach to treating the problem, namely the painfully fractional RF micro-needling treatments, to provide patients results that are remarkable, without the need for discomfort. It is the unbridled ambition possessed by BTL Aesthetics to never settle and constantly innovate, that has led to it winning this award. With an assortment of groundbreaking technologies that serve to better the lives of people suffering with elements of their appearance an immeasurable amount, noninvasive treatment methods are becoming the norm, thus opening the gates for more people to seek treatment. Find out more about BTL Contact: Gareth Pepper Company: BTL Aesthetics Australia Web Address: