Australian Made Awards 2023

May22239 Oct23287 Founded in 2003, Access Holdings International (AHI) is a global manufacturer and distributor of vertical access platform lifts. The company has one of the largest ranges of vertical access man lifts in the world, ranging from 3.5m to 20m. Access Holdings International is proud of its flexible approach to logistics and commitment to quality. For its dedication to high standards and safety, Access Holdings International has received our award for the Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, AHI has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer and distributor. The company has a portfolio of 45 product models grouped under two Australian brands Up-Lift and Quick Lift which are distributed to 48 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. All products are made under an ISO9001 quality management system and are fully compliant with European, Australian, and other country-based compliance standards. AHI is dedicated to supplying its high-quality, cost competitive and innovative vertical access personnel lifts to meet the demands of its global customers. It is the company’s key objective to increase the presence of Australian brands in the access equipment sector. Australia is renowned for implementing strict compliance rules to produce high-standard products for domestic and international customers. AHI’s qualified team of engineers and managers ensures that all products adhere to the highest quality standards and consistently improve for the benefit of consumers. In a competitive industry, it is important that AHI continues to develop and innovate to stay ahead of its global competitors. The business offers a wide array of aerial platforms, categorised as either low-level access platforms or standard aerial platforms. During the pandemic, AHI developed its range of ladder replacement products, Low-Level-Access platforms. These platforms can be manually propelled push around type, or self-propelled motor driven type. Quick Lift mini scissor lifts have been designed as a reliable alternative to ladders and scaffolds. The UB/ UBL series lift is manufactured to deliver reliable performance, facilitate easy operation, and ensure complete safety. Manually propelled UB mini scissors are ideal for workers that require vertical access up to heights of 5.9 metres. Quick Lifts can be used in warehouses, supermarkets, department stores, offices, construction fields, hospitals, schools, and many other work environments. Its key features include free-standing operation, rechargeable 12V maintenance-free battery power, smooth accent/descent, a nonslip floor, and secure gating. The mini scissor lifts also have dual control points, emergency stops, and forklift pockets. AHI also offers the UC series Man Lifts, another manually propelled Low Level Access lift constructed to work at heights and minimise the risk of injury. The lift’s advanced design and efficient structure ensure easy operation in tight working areas. All models can pass through a standard 2-metre doorway and can fit into normal passenger and goods lifts. The design is safety oriented and includes tilt and descent alarms, emergency stop buttons, an emergency down valve, a spring-loaded platform gate lock, and both manual and automatic brake mechanisms. The UC series Man Lifts is also powered by a 12V maintenancefree Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. The equipment features a reliable electrically powered hydraulic system, battery charge indication, safety harness point, maintenance safety locking device, and an external power socket for emergency use. It can be used for cleaning, repairing, inspecting, decorating, installing, and many other functions. Further offerings include standard aerial platforms, both manually and self-propelled. The Up-Lift UE series vertical man lift has been specifically designed to consider safety and ergonomic requirements. The lift is compact, light, and adheres to AHL’s high quality and safety standards. Constructed using Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier 2023