Guide to Getting Small Business Loan In Australia

Starting your own business is a great idea but securing a loan for that is challenging.  For people who start businesses in Australia, getting money to start and grow their businesses is important. Small business loans help entrepreneurs to give an ideal shape to their business ideas in real-time. 

clerk giving cash money to customer at bank office

The Bank of Thailand Reaffirms its Adherence to Integrity and Principles to Build Confidence

In a detailed discussion with the Integrity Team of the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), Thailand in recent days, Mrs. Roong Mallikamas, deputy governor of corporate development at the Bank of Thailand shows her vision to create confidence for all sectors while adhering to good governance principle as a neutral agency for the Kingdom of Thailand

Transforming APAC’s Gig Economy: The Role of Employment Law

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has witnessed a significant surge in the gig economy – an emerging labor market characterized by short-term contracts, flexible hours, and freelance work. This economic shift has been fueled by rapid digitalization, changing workforce demographics, and evolving work preferences.