Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 As an NDIS Registered provider of Specialist Behaviour Support, Different Lens Consulting (Different Lens) has offered invaluable services over the last two years. On the back of its welldeserved success in the programme, we spoke with Director and Behaviour Practitioner Karen Brand to find out more. While we have a greater and more comprehensive understanding of mental health and behavioural issues, there is still much to do when it comes to helping people and ensuring they have the best access to suitable care for their individual needs. In this, Different Lens Consulting stands distinguished in the space for its services and expertise, specialising on tackling behaviours of concern in the region of Victoria, as Karen explains in more detail. “We assist individuals who engage in behaviours of concern. A behaviour of concern is a behaviour which places a person or those around them at risk- this could be through physical aggression, property damage, harming themselves, engaging in risk taking behaviour -which in turn limits their relationships as well as their social, academic and employment opportunities. “Our overarching goal at Different Lens is to provide positive outcomes to those that we support. Our aim is not just to reduce the behaviours of concern that someone is engaging in, but in addition to increase the quality of life for the individual and those supporting them. For instance, increasing the individuals opportunities to engage in activities that they enjoy, assisting hem to have more opportunities to have choice and control with their life, and to feel understood by those supporting them.” “The name of our organisation “Different Lens” originates from the focus that our organisation has on looking at a person’s behaviour in a different way.” Through the creation of robust Behaviour Support Plans, Different Lens aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the individual’s manifestations, needs, and triggers, allowing them to navigate and tackle the behaviour of concern in an informed way. On the practitioner level, this creates a plan of engagement and care. “We are fortunate to have a number of extremely experienced practitioners within our team, which is made up of Psychologists, Occupational therapists, Developmental educators and administration support. We are a tight knit team, working collaboratively to support each other. We have a dual clinician model within our organisation, this ensures that there is continuity of support for the people we support, should one practitioner be off on leave, the other practitioner, that is aware of the persons needs can step into assist.” Of course, the greater psychology landscape moves swiftly, with developments made continually. It’s crucial then that this expert team remains ‘cutting-edge’ in its approach, and while that is certainly the case, Different Lens also provides external training for those interested in staying at pace with the industry at large. “To allow further specialist training to those within our organisation and local community, Different Lens organises internal and external training events. Once a quarter, we host a specialist speaker to address an area of interest to our audience. These training events have been greatly received,” Karen adds. Moving beyond the needs of its practitioners, Different Lens also takes great care and attention to adapt to the needs of all of its team. Here, Karen explains more. “At Different Lens we continually ask those within our organisation what they need from us and how we can improve, and where possible we make this happen. A recent example of this was following requests from some young people in our organisation, we ran a photography social group over the holidays and following on from the success of this programme, we are now running a fortnightly youth group. “We are delighted to be able to continually adapt our practices to meet the needs of the people we support as well as the wider community.” As a company defined by diligent, considered services and an expert approach, there are few that can match Different Lens Consulting in its field. As such, it has nurtured an impressive reputation, which in turn, has led the company and team to become trusted by all those that enter its services. “As a team we are extremely honoured to have received this award. We are a group of passionate and dedicated practitioners and are truly humbled to have had our efforts recognised in this way.” Company: Different Lens Consulting Website: Address: Suites 6-7, 23 Dudley Street Eltham Vic 3095 Most Trusted Behaviour Support Provider – Victoria