Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23536 Finding the right investment advisors is a monumental task when wanting to invest in a property. Equimax Property Investment Advisors help their clients buy the right investment property for their clients based on a tailored strategy, so that they can achieve their financial goals – gaining the ultimate freedom. Here we talk to its CEO, Gaurav Bhatia, as it clinches a title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Equimax Property Investment Advisors strength is in identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends and opportunities in Australian property market. The company conducts in-depth market research and analysis to identify areas of high growth potential and uses this information to guide its investment decisions and tailored strategies for its clients. Gaurav Bhatia and team are committed to delivering exceptional value to its clients. Equimax Property Investment Advisors take a customercentric approach to its business, working closely with its clients to understand their needs and priorities and delivering tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. The team is focused on making the journey of investing in property simple for their clients by being with them every step of the way Equimax’s CEO, Gaurav Bhatia, tells us, “A key personality trade we work with is building long term relationships with our clients and other industry professionals which allows us to always be client centric and deliver them ongoing and long-term results. In addition to his role at Equimax Property Group Gaurav Bhatia is also involved in a range of industry organizations and professional network initiatives. He is a member of the Property Investment professionals of Australia and an Accredited Advisor through the national Aspire property network. Of course, none of this would be possible without its overall approach to service. Gaurav shares, “Our market leading research and a national acquisitions approach allows us to help our clients make decisions based on facts and data so they can achieve their desired results and above market ROI.” This ultimately leads into the five steps to success, leaving clients feeling satisfied and safe in the knowledge that their decision is the right one. It is true that first time buyers and investors can feel nervous at the thought of making this kind of decision. After all, the facts and figures can be confusing. This is exactly where Equimax comes in. Gaurav comments, “I spend a lot of time in educating our clients about what is the reality vs media noise and what they hear on news may or may not be the whole fact and how this impacts them on an individual level.” With its tailored strategy, market leading research, and national acquisition, Equimax has built itself from the ground up in a respectable amount of time. It is continuously gaining more recognition for its commitment to educating and guiding its clients, and we are pleased to present it with the accolade of Most Insightful Property Investment Advisors – Victoria. “By taking the approach of educating the clients, sharing data and market insights has allowed our clients not to panic and make key property investment decisions based on a 10-year goal which is how property investments should work.” For the future, Equimax Property Investment Advisors is set to focus even more on its business offerings. It has always set out to teach, inform, and steer its clients in the right direction – so they don’t have to feel overwhelmed or alone. Helping them to gain financial freedom is one of the greatest gifts it can offer and with all of this in mind, we want to celebrate its accomplishment. Contact: Gaurav Bhatia Company: Equimax Property Investment Advisors Web Address: Most Insightful Property Investment Advisors - Victoria “Kickstart your investment with the right advisor.” “Our relationships and network give us great insight into property investments, market trends, and off-market opportunities. We work with our clients to understand their needs, as each investor is unique and at a different stage in their investment journey.”