Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 While many think of high-flying criminal lawyers when they think of the global legal landscape, the work of family lawyers the world over largely remains an un-sung hero. On the back of Freemont Family Lawyers’ success in the programme, we spoke with Principal Solicitor Brett Jones to find out more about the firm’s work, expertise, and achievements. Family law relies on an ability to understand people. To mediate. To measure expectations, needs and wants to create an equilibrium for all involved under the gaze of the law. It’s a complex realm to operate in, dictated as much by the people involved than any other element in play. While other legal sectors critically hinge on the word of law, it’s rarely as clear cut in family matters due to the diversity between clients, backgrounds, modern family structures, and facts. The most successful legal practices in the space understand this and can navigate the pitfalls with dexterity and flexibility. One such legal practice is Freemont Family Lawyers, who have built an impressive reputation through finding a path to success in even the most challenging cases. For Brett, an ability to provide client-centric services was the crux of Freemont Family Lawyers’ foundation. “We wanted to provide a legal practice that can help people with family issues which are often complex and fraught with emotions and significant life events. We wanted to create a legal practice that looks at the big picture, actually listens to clients and provides holistic services with a focus on resolving legal issues. “We focus on providing a responsive service where people can speak directly to the people handling their legal issues without having to book appointments weeks in advance. This ensures when people need advice and assistance, when it counts, we are available.” It goes without saying that the legal practice takes measured care in all aspects of the business, from their approach to clients to the talent they onboard. In the latter, Freemont Family Lawyers takes considerable care in ensuring each member of its team is dedicated to enriching its values, mission, and goals. “Our lawyers and staff are carefully selected based on their legal skills, people skills, negotiation skills and their honesty and integrity. This ensures our staff can respond to clients’ needs whether court proceedings, mediation and negotiation or providing legal advice,” Brett adds. Working in the family law sector often involves complex situations needing a delicate approach. Think about the intricate details of separation, divorce, or disputes. Or family violence cases, or child protection needs, all interweaving with criminal investigations and property settlements, and parental responsibility. Family lawyers, then, have to wear many masks, and solve many problems. In this way, the legal practice almost acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’, driven to tackling all of the various elements of a case under one roof. “We help people across the range of interweaving issues they can have around families and relationships. This means our clients can benefit from a single point of contact and expertise and that the information and insight we gather across these different areas can be used to benefit our clients.” One interesting development on the greater legal landscape was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated digitisation of the traditionally brick and mortar operations of firms around the world. In many ways, this move was overdue, and it has only resulted in a greater degree of client-centric services and processes, as Brett moves on to discuss. “Since Covid-19, there has been a move away from in-person contact with the uptake of virtual meetings and online services. We adapted to meet people’s needs and provide assistance as people needed. This means we provide in-person services, teleconferencing services through WebEx, Zoom and Microsoft Teams and online legal services. “As a result of the move towards online services, we started providing information about our standard costs online. This allows people to get an indication of their legal costs upfront. As far as we know, we are alone in providing an online price catalogue for our standard services in the legal industry.” As we move to the end of the interview, Brett brings up an interesting point on the nature of being a lawyer in the modern business world. Lawyers are, in many ways, their own brand – more so than other similar occupations. Each lawyer then uniquely contributes to the culture and success of the legal practice they operate under, building a collage of experts, and expert services. Ultimately, this also ties into the future of the legal practice, as it looks to increasing its talent pool to bolster its reputation moving forwards. “Our lawyers and staff are carefully selected based on their legal skills, people skills, negotiation skills and their honesty and integrity. We are focusing on growing our team and continuing to provide excellent legal services in our area of expertise.” Company Name: Freemont Family Lawyers Contact Name: Brett Jones, Principal Solicitor Web Address: Best Family Law & Child Protection Services Firm - Victoria Jan23104