Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Cultural Heritage Management Specialists of the Year 2023 Led by company founder and esteemed professional in the field, Dr Jillian Comber, Comber Consultants specialises in providing archaeological and cultural heritage management and alternative dispute resolutions. We contacted Dr Comber to learn more as the firm celebrates a win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Comber Consultants is an Australian cultural heritage specialist company that has set the benchmark for best practice, high calibre Aboriginal and nonAboriginal archaeology, and cultural heritage management. A leader in its field, and a Global 100 company, Comber Consultants operates with a value-led work ethic, proactive approach, and a customerfocused business strategy. Providing ground-breaking and innovative techniques and processes, Comber Consultants manages highly complex projects in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal terrestrial, and maritime archaeology and cultural heritage management. The breadth of archaeological services provided by Comber Consultants includes research, assessments, excavation, monitoring, significance, assessment, and the provision of mitigation and management recommendations. The firm’s clients include the private and public sector specialists (government agencies, private enterprise, community groups, and individuals) in the archaeology, heritage, mediation, and arbitration arena. Jan23229 Established and led by director, Dr Jillian Comber, the company is renowned for its pioneering and innovative work as well as its commitment to excellence. “Ourgoalistoprovidebestpractice, end-to-end archaeological, and multidisciplinary heritage management solutions and alternative dispute resolution services,” Jillian tell us. “We are committed to ensuring that Aboriginal peoples’ views and culture are at the forefront of all our work.” Working closely with clients and Aboriginal communities, Comber Consultants develops management recommendations that meet all legislative requirements as well as the needs of clients, the Aboriginal community, and that respect Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage. In addition to archaeological management, in association with the award-winning architectural firm of Patrick O’ Carrigan & Partners, Comber Consultants prepares Statements of Heritage Impact and Conservation Management Plans to the highest standards. Comber Consultants’ reputation in this regard has been established and maintained over 30 years of operation. Fundamentally, using these years of experience to inform its decision making and client services, the firm has been a leader in its field in promoting diligence and empathy in heritage consultancy services. Its commitment to high operational standards led to it being the first archaeological consultancy in Australia to obtain an Integrated Certified Management System covering quality, safety, and environment. Members of the Comber Consultants’ professional team have extensive experience in their field, as well as postgraduate qualifications. Dr Jillian Comber herself, whose research centres on decolonising Aboriginal culture heritage, is a qualified mediator and arbitrator undertaking extensive Aboriginal consultation and mediation between Aboriginal communities and local government. She provides outstanding professional mediation, conciliation, facilitation, and arbitration services to successfully resolve environmental, land management, and cultural heritage disputes. “Our team of highly skilled and experienced staff play a major role in the success of the firm,” she enthuses. “We are committed to excellence and quality in the provision of services.” Jillian continues to praise the dedicated senior team, of which she has led for many years. These eminent figures include David Nutley, a maritime archaeologist, who initiated the predictive modelling of Inundated First Nations’ sites in Australia in 2006 and has a specialisation on ship’s anchors and their conservation and management; Dr Agata Calabrese who’s groundbreaking research into cognitive neurobiological aspects of the senses, using GIS to explore experiential aspects of mortuary rituals in Early Bronze Age North Mesopotamia, has led to a whole new way of reconstructing past sensorial experiences; Supriya Singh who’s cultural heritage research has made her a leader in the field of cultural heritage management; and Glenn Suey of the Kamilaroi Nation, Dr Jillian Comber