Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

of public ownership from its community. This is an important point that needs to be carefully considered when artistic intrusions and urban interventions take place. As such, temporary public artworks require the inherent adaptability in order to form a relationship with the spaces in which they are situated. This allows them to act as an integral catalyst for engagement in the arts within a community.” Art is essential for any culture and its people. It is the expression of basic freedom, creativity manifest and incarnate. Cities are the cultivation and collaboration of hundreds, thousands, millions of people contributing towards a greater goal, over time. As creators, Zara and Renzo encapsulate the essence of a space through their pieces, invigorating the environment through experiences that capture imagination and possibility. There are few studios – in any location around the world – that are exploring the nature of art and architecture on the scale of Atelier Sisu, or with its drive and ethos. For that, the studio was recognised for its outstanding contributions in the artistic sphere. Atelier Sisu has a history of award-winning success and innovation. 2020 - INDEF Design Awards- WINNER 2020 - LOOP Design Awards - Honourable Mention 2021- DEZEEN Design Awards - Long List 2021 - GRAY Design Awards- Short List 2022 - Architecture and Design Community Awards- SECOND PLACE 2023- Australian Enterprise Awards - WINNER Company: Atelier Sisu Name: Zara Pasfield and Renzo B. Larriviere Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Alexandria, NSW