Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

This unique coffee shop in Melbourne has more than just coffee waiting for you. If you’re a biker, or just a fan of motorbikes, Bodgo’s is the perfect stopping point for any motor enthusiast. Staffed by a wonderful team who are bound to have plenty to say about their biking interests, you’ll be hardpressed to find a better coffee shop to engage in enthusiastic conversation. And with the most beautiful blend of in-house roasted coffee and a collection of perfect pastries baked onsite, you’ll definitely leave wanting more. Best Biker-Friendly Coffee Shop 2023 – Melbourne From the very beginning, Bodgo’s has been a passion project created by Greg Hodges in 2020. With such an overwhelming passion, not only for the food industry, but motorbiking too, Greg managed to combine his love into a coffee shop that encapsulated everything he found joy in. As a result, Bodgo’s became both a coffee shop for those that love bakery treats, and also those who have an overwhelming fascination for motorbikes. However, Bodgo’s isn’t just a coffee shop with fantastic theming, but a haven for bikers who need to stop for some respite. And if you’re a biker looking for somewhere to stop off and have your motorbike worked on whilst you enjoy the delectable in-house blend that Bodgo’s offers, there’s a workshop on hand right on the premises. As a double-up of a coffee shop and a biker workshop, you can be assured as a biker that everything you may require will be readily available to you. Since Greg has such a passion for motorbikes, you can expect to find all sorts of memorabilia and theming in this unique cafe as well. With the whole business being founded and born from a love for everything food, coffee and biking, you know that you’ll be getting a fabulous experience no matter what you’re going there for. The menu has been carefully crafted with everyone in mind, and is tailored to anybody who has even the slightest interest in taking the time out of their day to visit a coffee shop with a brilliant twist. Additionally, with a friendly and welcoming environment, you’ll feel right at home among the team at Bodgo’s. Each team member is devoted to providing the best service possible, and will always help you to feel as though you’ve been visiting Bodgo’s for years. To the staff, you aren’t just a customer – you’re a person for them to make feel welcome and settled. And with such a humble beginning, you are guaranteed an experience that chain coffee shops just can’t provide. Each visit will feel personal, and you’ll never feel as though you don’t belong. Even if you aren’t a gearhead who loves motorcycles, there’s still plenty for you at Bodgo’s. Not only is the food prepared carefully and meticulously, but every ounce of this coffee shop radiates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Staff are chosen not for their experience, but for who they are as people, resulting in a wonderful environment for both employees and customers. Everyone within Bodgo’s walls is bound to have a delectable time, motor enthusiast or not. Something a little bit different is always fun to experience, and Bodgo’s is no exception to this. Now an award-winning coffee shop for bikers and non-bikers alike, Bodgo’s has truly made a statement within Melbourne since its doors first opened in Jan23431 2020. Though business began during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bodgo’s displayed its passion for its craft through its sheer perseverance alone. And, after emerging from the pandemic’s hardships, it has established a loyal client base that is always looking to accept new people into its midst. So, if you’re biking through Victoria in Melbourne and want to stop off for a drink, head to Bodgo’s and experience the coffee and companionship that it has to offer. Contact: Greg Hodges Company: Bodgo’s Web Address: bodgosmelbourne/