Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 For over 21 years, Stairman has been the go-to installer for quality stairs in Sydney and the surrounding area. The company works with private clients and professional builders to offer a range of stair options for every budget. From a simple MDF stair to an architectural masterpiece, Stairman does it all. Stairman is managed by husband and wife team, Ryan and Juanita Dowd. We chat with them to find out more. When Ryan Dowd left school, he began learning his trade. After gaining a few years of industry experience, Ryan decided it was time to branch out on his own and create his own brand – Stairman. It wasn’t long after that Ryan was so busy he enlisted the help of his wife, Juanita. Since 2009 the pair have grown Stairman from a small business into a company with two factory units and 21 employees. In 2020, after identifying quality manufacturers in both China and Australia, Ryan and Juanita began creating their own range of stair parts. Juanita says, “This enables us to sell to other staircase companies. This allows us to enjoy cost savings which we, in turn, can pass onto our builders and their clients.” Stairman works alongside builders such as Mirvac, Sekisui House, Fowler Homes, Firstyle Homes, McDonald Jones Multi Division and Complete Homes with Creation Homes just to name a few. Ryan says, “Working in and around the building industry for so many years helps us to understand the client’s homes and tastes. We spot errors on site before they turn into a costly fixup and assist builders with client liaisons to help ease pressure on their staff. Stairs are a niche trade. There aren’t many stair professionals around and getting the right advice can be key.” As Stairman’s reputation continues to grow, so do the wordof-mouth recommendations passed on by its customers. Ryan tells us, “Over the past two years, we have gained some large builders as clients. They came recommended by other builders, and have brought over $1 million in sales to the company. This meant we could hire six more staff – a mixture of new apprentices and qualified tradespeople. We’re training more staff through Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and have the option to buy and build our own factory. We’re having talks in the background with more builders, too. Let’s see if, in the next two years, we can double our sales again.” The new factory incorporates CNC machines, large sanders and planers under one roof and features external dust extraction. The planned state-of-the-art showroom will feature a full selection of stair components. The project, expected to last for 18 months, is the result of a combined effort. Everyone at the company has had a say in the final design. Stairman is pushing on the sustainability front, too. The company is on track to become completely paperless. Using iPad technology for on-site staff, Stairman has created an online system to store clients’ plans, designs, and building specifications as well as an interactive job board. Juanita tells us, “We’ve been trialling this for two years and it’s been a real success. Our paper costs have dropped by 85% in one year. We’ll also be getting a recyclables bin for our MDF supplier BORG (Polytec). They’ll use the waste from our stair part offcuts to generate power for their sustainable and selfpowered plant.” Stairman chose to work with Borg as the MDF it supplies is sustainable and contains no harmful chemicals. Stairman also donates hardwood offcuts for firewood and recycles its office waste. Ryan and Juanita ensure the company is actively involved in the local community, as well. For over 10 years Stairman has proudly sponsored the Camden Rams Junior Football Club, the WWF, and the Northcott Foundation as well as other local community clubs and schools. Now, the company has an incredibly bright future ahead of it, but first, it is delighted to be celebrating its success within the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023, with Juanita saying, “We are privileged and honoured to accept this award. Another thanks to our amazing employees for their hard work and dedication. We are a team here and this is recognition and confirmation of a job well done, something we can all truly be proud of. “Each employee is a valued part of our team; this award gives thanks and praise for the long hours and hard work, and additional thanks to each of them by proudly displaying it on their work vans. They are the biggest part of our brand and we are so proud of them all.” Contact: Ryan & Juanita Dowd Company: Stairman Web Address: Best Artisanal Staircase Installation Company 2023 - Sydney Stairman™