Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMa na 2r 23 26 26 79 0 With more than a decade of research, SAN-AIR Australia’s (SAN-AIR) products are effective in killing 99% of bacteria, mould, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, and they contain only 100% natural, sustainable, high-quality ingredients. We speak to the creator and founder of this pioneering technology, Daniel Massaioli as he celebrates a win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. SAN-AIR Australia manufactures and sells highquality products made from natural ingredients and consumables that effectively improve indoor air quality anywhere, whether building, boat, train, or airplane. SAN-AIR believes the air that we breathe is as important as the blood that flows in our bodies, and it must be as clean and pure as possible for the best health outcomes. And its clients believe the same. “We constantly strive to educate everyone about the causes of the decline in indoor air quality,” explains Daniel Massaioli, the firm’s founder and the inventor of the revolutionary product. “And also how easy it is to maintain great indoor air quality using SAN-AIR products.” “Our indoor environment is affected by the outdoors,” he elaborates. “Anything comes in from windows and doors, materials that are brought indoors, and the normal occupation from people, pets, and so on. Even though one might not see it and the indoors looks clean, germs do grow, until there is a situation or point in time that sees the germ numbers get too high. SAN-AIR stops this blooming of infestation from taking hold, it keeps premises at low germ levels that do not cause problems.” On discovering that there is a severe mould and bacterial problem present within most air conditioning systems that can significantly impair our health, Daniel spent 12 years developing SAN-AIR. This was driven by his own personal commitment to his family, where he was trying to help alleviate his children’s asthma that was caused by poor air quality and exposure to mould. He invented the initial SANAIR concept in 2000, and the range was launched to market in 2005. Since then, the products have undergone further formula optimisation and more external validations. This is one of the major unique selling points which helps sets SAN-AIR aside and distinguish it from other similar products on the market. “SAN-AIR is super-validated, independently,” Daniel enthuses. “It has been published in research papers, it has been shown as a nonallergen in European Norm testing, it has been tested and proven by government bodies. No one else can claim this level of serious proof.” Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic made everyone realise just how important airborne transmission is, despite science having known this for a hundred years or more. However, Daniel states that, the pandemic aside, more than seven million people every year are estimated to die due to overexposure to mould. “That’s every year!” he highlights, passionately. “It is time to do something about that. There are many products out there but only one very efficient and safe SAN-AIR product range.” It’s not simply revolutionary products that have proved SAN-AIR’s success over the years; Daniel also has a loyal and dedicated team of people who are equally as enthusiastic about preserving air quality as he is. Describing his team as “highly intelligent self-starters”, Daniel explains that he looks for ambitious and confident individuals, who are honest and led by example, in order to further engage and educate the company’s audience and continued success. Recently, SAN-AIR Australia gained further international recognition as it was named in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 as Best Indoor Air Quality Control Products Company – APAC. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade and endorsement of his brand, Daniel now has his sights set on expanding into the world of natural cleaning products, animal welfare products, and automotive products. Given his past career, which spans 35 years in developing products and formulations for pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, food ingredients, and cosmetics worldwide, we have no doubt that it will be a lucrative move! Contact Details Contact: Daniel Massaioli Company: SAN-AIR Australia Pty Ltd Web Address: Best Indoor Air Quality Control Products Company - APAC