Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Dedicated and passionate about providing quality education, Growing Up Greatness is geared to equipping teachers for dynamic learning. We learn more from company founder, Kylie Bice. Growing Up Greatness strives to improve educational provision for students of all abilities. Working with schools, educators, and school leaders, the firm specialises in implementing high-quality and research-based policy, processes, and pedagogy through targeted consultancy and coaching. Collaborating in all learning environments and across all learning areas, from primary to tertiary, Growing Up Greatness has experience in government, independent, and catholic sectors, both locally and internationally. Through consultancy, training, and coaching, the firm aims to build capacity and confidence in the areas of inclusion, differentiation, assessment, gifted and talented education, disability, behaviour, social and emotional learning, and educating diverse student groups. It also aims to increase awareness and acceptance of diverse-ability learners by working with schools to practically build staff skills, capacity, and wellbeing, and to equip educators for intentional, transparent, research-based teaching in every classroom. “As passionate educators ourselves, we understand the complex – and often demanding – nature of schools and teaching,” explains Kylie Bice, the company’s owner and Principal Education Consultant. “We’re here to support schools in their crucial roles of Growing Up Greatness and believe that, when school leaders and educators are equipped and supported to be effective, compassionate, and evidence-based in their practice, all things are possible for every young person!” To this end, all Growing Up Greatness training and coaching opportunities can be tailored to the context, needs, and goals of each school and teams within each school, and Kylie prides herself on offering bespoke and context-specific options for each. The organisation is also highly adaptable to the budget, time, and resource limitations often faced by schools. Kylie’s practical experience and expertise as an educator, gives her and her team an understanding of the importance of flexible and creative solutions to meet the professional learning needs of schools. Kylie tells us more about the education industry in Australia, stating that it has been highly scrutinisedbymedia,government, and society, and yet teachers continue to be undervalued as skilled professionals. “Teachers and school leaders are consistently put under pressure by parents, media, and system expectations, and while this can result in a positive increase in accountability, the education sector is struggling to hire and retain skilled teachers,” she states, emphasising the challenges faced on a regular basis. “There is also often a divide between research and practice, and too often highquality research does not make its way into practice or is applied as a ‘one size fits all’ strategy.” With a clear increase in understanding and diagnosis of various physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional conditions, the diversity of students is vast with teachers expected to provide an adaptive education experience, often without clear direction as to what this looks like or how to implement this. “Our aim is to work directly with school leaders and teachers to act as a bridge between academia and practice, and to provide professional learning and coaching to individuals and teams. We keep a clear focus on catering for diversity with classrooms, with practice strategies that are specific and articulated. “This work is both exciting and rewarding, and through our embedded coaching model we see teachers and school leaders develop a strong understanding of what differentiated practice looks like in the classroom, assessment design, and programming.” It takes a special sort of person to join the team at Growing Up Greatness and Kylie has worked hard to nurture the internal culture, promoting three key concepts within the organisation. These are: • Students of all abilities deserve a quality education, and the opportunity to learn and receive feedback on their learning every day. • Teachers are a valuable resource who achieve their best when they’re professionally supported and able to maintain their wellbeing. • With compassionate and strategic support, teachers and school leaders have the capacity to improve their practice and improve learning outcomes for diverse-ability students. With these principles in mind, Growing Up Greatness has a deliberate culture of compassion, evidence-based practice, and an enduring belief in the importance of educators as a key resource in society. Kylie chooses to work with partners and employees who are lifelong learners themselves, are compassionate and understanding of the needs of diverse students and teachers, are flexible and creative problem-solvers, have a high degree of evidence-based expertise, are approachable and have a clear communication style in order to build relationships with school leaders and educators, and offer practical and evidence-based strategies and strategic approaches. Recently, as recognition for the dedication and commitment that Kylie and the entire team have, Growing Up Greatness was named in the Australian Enterprise Awards as Best Student Learning Support Consultancy 2023 - Western Australia. Now, the future looks even more promising, with the firm being determined to continue to keep up to date with current research in education, and to stay connected with various associations and tertiary institutions who collect and share current research. “We currently have a series of online Gifted and Talented Education modules available to complement our face-toface training options, and we are hoping to develop a series of differentiation online modules as there has been significant demand for this as an online resource.” Contact: Kylie Bice Company: Growing Up Greatness Web Address: Best Student Learning Support Consultancy 2023 - Western Australia Jan23667