Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 Australian-owned Power Flex Cables has a strong reputation for quality, combined with the backing of its European based cabling manufacturing partners. Over the years, the company has become renowned for delivering the highest quality applications to meet its customers’ specifications and deadlines, striving to offer quality, exceptional service, products, and advice tailored to the individual needs of clients. With more than 15 years in business, Power Flex Cables specialises in low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage power cables, which include fire resistant and flame retardant, PVC and XLPE insulated, single core and multi core, unarmoured and armoured, instrumentation, power and control cables. The firm places an emphasis on a stringent quality control process and providing necessary certificates and comprehensive test reports, adherence to AS/ NZS Standards and International Standards, guaranteeing performance, excellence and reliability. Highlighting its core values of leadership, accountability and customer service excellence, the team is driven by the passion to solve problems and achieve results. Combining diversity, quality, respect, and sustainability, the firm believes that by partnering with Power Flex, clients can achieve longterm growth and sustainability. “We focus on providing solutions and not simply selling a product,” explains Emma Brown, Project Manager for the company. “We listen to the client and translate the needs of their project into a specification to work with. We’re different because we ask questions, we’re interested, always learning from our clients, and this in turn fuels innovation and leadership.” shares Chris O’Grady, Director of the company. It is this client interaction that gives Power Flex Cables the edge in the industry. And if Power Flex can’t find it in the market, they’ll create it. “We collaborate with industry stakeholders to review specifications, create drawings, produce samples, and have our manufacturing team produce it,” Emma enthuses. “One thing our competitors might notice is that we don’t invest enormously into advertising and digital showcasing. We aim to be visible to the market.” The internal culture at Power Flex Cables is supportive, with a positive outlook, where each and every staff member feels valued for their individual skills and qualities. The company revolves around teamwork with the premise that each aspect of the process being just as important as another. “By identifying key strengths and potentials in staff, everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. If staff suggest a pain point in our workflow, due consideration is given to understanding the concern, qualifying it, and generating solutions. In this way, staff are given the opportunity to be an integral part of running the business, knowing their ideas matter.” The opportunities at Power Flex Cables are what the staff want to make of it, and in 2022, the firm had a new staff member join to assist with marketing on a parttime basis around university studies. While another staff member was away, they offered to assist with a few enquiries that hadn’t been answered yet. Her efforts resulted in strong outcomes for the company and positive feedback from stakeholders. Chris quickly identified the potential of this employee and offered a promotion, where she is now leading key projects within the company and aspires to achieve a leadership position in the future. While the company follows a lean business model and values operational procedures, it tries not to get caught up in it. After all, the systems are there to help the team do their jobs and do them right and, by remaining agile and flexible in its approach, Power Flex Cables is able to identify the changes needed to make and implement them. “You can’t afford to be rigid, or have too many layers of approvals to pass through or it results in lost opportunities,” says Chris. “We trust and support our staff to do their job and we’re not here to put obstacles in the way that would stop them doing that” Recently, Power Flex Cables triumphed in the Australian Enterprise Awards as it was recognised as Best Electrical Cable Supplier 2023. This prestigious accolade is proof of the strong working relationships that the firm has with both its clients and staff members, and the future is looking rosy. Always looking ahead for the next big thing, Emma tells us that, in alignment with Australia’s investments into clean energy and large-scale infrastructure developments, it recognises the growing need for specialised cabling and is therefore investing in research and development and looking to upscale its operations to meet this demand. “We see the future of Power Flex Cables as an exciting opportunity to expand the reach of our company, and involve more people, hereby providing support and leadership across key industry sectors as the primary supplier of low-voltage and special cables for Australia and New Zealand. “The design aspect of our business is also an area where we see huge potential for partnerships with science, education, and sustainability. We aim to deliver innovation through understanding our markets and generating solutions for tomorrow.” Contact: Emma Brown Company: Power Flex Cables Web Address: Best Electrical Cable Supplier 2023 Jan23670 With more than 65 years’ worth of experience, Power Flex Cables is a well-respected supplier in the electrical cable industry. We speak to one of the company’s management team as it achieves success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 for its innovative products and proactive approach.