Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23748 YaZoogle has been operating in the Perth region since 2003 having been established by Irishborn and raised, Joanne Smith. We find out more about the firm and how the pandemic has changed the face of the industry from Joanne, as YaZoogle is named as a winner in the Australian Enterprise Awards. YaZoogle is a web design and web marketing company committed to helping clients fulfil their goals in getting a professionally designed mobile-friendly website that is Google compliant with content management built-in. Experienced in creating unique one-off custom designed websites, web hosting and domain management, web marketing SEO, e-Commerce websites, and local Google Business optimisation, YaZoogle has a range of different clients from many industries, and lives by its core values of loyalty, honesty, accountability, trust, respect, and getting the job done on time and on budget. “Our slogan is ‘We design for your future in the present’,” explains Joanne, and she goes on to tell us what differentiates the firm from its competitors. “We are consistently told that our deadlines are not as long as some other companies in getting the job done, and we will make changes to a website update within 24 hours when asked. There have been frequent occasions that a website update has been instigated at 11pm at night for an 8am meeting in the morning.” The current web development industry in Australia demands a wide range of skills, from developing simple static pages to complex websites, social network services, and web marketing. The needs and demands from clients have grown vastly over the years since Joanne first built a website back in 2003. Today, there is an expectation that everything people do on their smart devices will also happen on their websites, and vice versa. “There is often a lack of understanding of what actually goes into building these types of dynamic responsive websites,” Joanne elaborates. “Technology has advanced so quickly that it is almost impossible to keep up with the changes without having a backup team behind you to keep an eye on the latest trends.” The trends that Joanne is currently seeing revolve around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and YaZoogle has heavily invested in AI technology and apps to enhance its clients’ website experience. “It is often a controversial decision to include AI in my industry, but it does speed up the process of content creation enormously,” she continues. “We will, however, revise it to add our own touch which allows us to become more efficient with our time management, too.” The internal culture of YaZoogle is very friendly and the close-knit team works well together. Joanne subcontracts a lot of the work exclusively and will put these thirdparty businesses through a six month trial on smaller projects before taking them on a more permanent basis, as it is very important that the firm produces consistent work. “When the task has been met, and the client is happy, from our experience it usually means the traditional ‘word of mouth’ process is instigated and we do get a lot more projects on the books.” Recently, Joanne and the team were delighted when YaZoogle gained recognition in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Web Design Company of the Year 2023. As the future beckons, Joanne is dedicated to growing her business and being able to offer a greater range of services as technology demands it, continuing to invest in the very latest web technologies to provide clients with the best possible up-to-date websites. The world is not such a big place anymore, Joanne states. “The internet has practically joined us all as one and the pandemic has completely altered how local businesses run and operate. This means end users are more cautious about even walking in the door as there must be a heightened level of trust.” Because of this, YaZoogle has moved far beyond websites and is involved in reputation management, too. This means “ that we make sure the local business has built up a reputation across the top socials and we watch out for anything that can hurt their bottom line. Simply put, it’s not just websites that grow businesses.“ Contact: Joanne Smith B.A.; Company: Yazoogle Web Address: Web Design Company of the Year 2023