Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Giide is Australia’s leading Supply Chain & Manufacturing recruiter. We wanted to look a little deeper to help us understand how the company is fuelling Australian manufacturing. Having spoken to a team that is learning more every single day, it’s not a surprise to see why this company is a leader in the industry. Best Supply Chain & Manufacturing Recruitment Specialists 2023 Despite the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian labour market is gradually recovering, albeit not without difficulties. In 2022, the tightest labour market in decades resulted in a recordlow unemployment rate of 3.4%, creating significant hiring challenges for businesses, particularly those in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. However, Giide Recruitment, the leading provider of recruitment and workforce solutions in the region, has risen to the occasion and overcome these challenges in innovative ways, making it the best Supply Chain & Manufacturing Recruitment Specialists in 2023. Giide’s success in recruiting the right candidates for businesses stems from its unique approach that aligns recruitment and workforce planning with business goals and objectives. The recruitment firm’s leadership team recognised that traditional recruitment techniques were no longer effective, and they needed to take proactive measures to redefine the industry. Therefore, they searched for candidates who possessed the skills and experience necessary for open positions through sourcing techniques that could help identify highquality candidates. Jan23497 Furthermore, Giide understands that diversity and inclusion are vital aspects of finding qualified candidates. By prioritising diversity and inclusion in their recruitment strategy, they have been able to widen their pool of candidates and give their clients an edge over competitors. In a labour market that is continually evolving, Giide’s team stays on top of trends and understands that traditional recruitment techniques that worked in the past are no longer sufficient. Thus, they employ a multi-channel approach across various platforms, to post job vacancies, engage with potential candidates, and share company and role objectives. This strategy ensures that the company’s brand is presented in a way that attracts only the best talent. Giide’s approach has been successful in the manufacturing and supply chain industries, where traditional recruitment methods often fall short. Giide’s deep industry knowledge and 16 years of experience recruiting for technical and trade roles have enabled them to find candidates in all the right places. Giide’s leadership team recognised that uploading job descriptions to recruitment websites does not produce quality candidates in the bluecollar industry. To amplify their clients’ reach, Giide employed a more effective multi-channel approach across various platforms. As a result, the company consistently placed high-quality candidates in engineering and leadership roles. Giide’s success is a testament to its dedication to guiding clients in the right way and ensuring they can adapt and build the most reputable staff and knowledgeable candidates possible. If Giide continues to improvise and find new ways of attracting the best talent in Australia for its clients, there is much to be excited about for the management team and the businesses they serve. Overall, Giide Recruitment is a leader in the recruitment and workforce solutions industry, thanks to its innovative strategies and focus on partnerships that add value to its customers. Company: Giide Web Address: Contact: Dallas Wallace