Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23452 Some of us need help with accessing government funding so that our ideas can become a reality. GrantReady has a team of seasoned experts within the research and development tax industry – and they all know how to transform our concepts into tangible products worth people’s time and money. It has won Best R&D Consultancy in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023, and we’re pleased to present its work to you. GrantReady has a strong history of success in assisting companies access research and development (R&D) tax grants and Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) helping companies to grow on a global scale. The companies and individuals that it helps all benefit from the many years of combined experience – breathing life into their ideas and giving them a way to grow into new markets and support research and innovation. Since R&D can be a complex subject, many businesses find themselves getting lost in a maze of information, bureaucracy and processes. However, GrantReady showcases new ways to streamline support and simplify the process so that businesses can succeed. “We work with hundreds of companies to lodge their R&D claim and EMDG each year. Our approach is to cut through the complexity and to take the pain out of the process.” Striving to simplify R&D and Export Development Grants (EMDG), GrantReady guarantees strong support and substantiation for each claim for its many clients. It introduces a path to accomplishment, so that companies can focus on running the business and GrantReady will focus on getting them the grant. “Seeking professional assistance from GrantReady frees up your time, and gives you the assurance of a maximised, fully compliant claim. GrantReady is a Registered Tax Agent, approved to help you with the R&D Tax Incentive.” GrantReady navigates the complexity of tax claims so that its clients can reap the benefits quickly and successfully. As a Registered Tax Agent it is safe and supportive to all of its clients – ensuring they get the help they need with no complications. Its unique selling point is that it doesn’t take unnecessary risks. GrantReady works hard to maximise outcomes for all its clients without putting them at risk of getting fined in the future. By supporting businesses for over 20 years, GrantReady has forged strong relationships and a proud reputation. It has also built a great reputation with governments through its professional approach and attention to detail, which helps its clients to succeed. By being continuously up to speed, GrantReady makes sure that its clients are always up to date on regulations and developments too. Another unique selling point is GrantReady’s attention to improving its knowledge, to help its clients succeed. This goes hand in hand with its own success and development – meaning a mutual relationship between clients and itself. Its team of professionals encourage each other to learn and achieve more, so that they may flourish as individuals while they do the same for clients. “In recent years both the R&D Tax Incentive and EMDG programs have undergone significant changes. It’s important we stay up to date across all changes. That’s why we are in regular contact with the program regulators, so we don’t miss a thing.” GrantReady’s team members all collaborate and communicate well with clients, so that they understand their clients projects and goals. They operate within a range of industries, so that clients can get the help they need – no matter how complex their business needs are. As a boutique firm with a zest for success, GrantReady is excited for the future of the business. It is proud of its team and knows that, with them, it will be able to support a whole range of new clients to access government grants to succeed and grow. Its team are also the experts behind GrantGuru – Australia’s most comprehensive and up to date list of funding programs for businesses in Australia. Please enquire at au for more details. Recently, GrantReady won the title of Best R&D Grant Consultancy 2023 in the Australian Enterprise Awards, 2023, and it looks forward to support even more companies and individuals access R&D and EMDG grants, to grow their business. Contact: The GrantReady Team Phone number: 03 9853 9853 Company: GrantReady Web Address: Best R&D Grant Consultancy 2023