Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 Leisel Pisani has been named by APAC Insider as the Marriage Celebrant of the Year for 2023. We spoke to Leisel as we wanted to understand a little more about why she is so celebrated in Queensland and what makes her tick. Here’s a little more about why she has been nominated for the award, and what her thoughts are. Leisel was thrilled to be awarded the honour of being named Marriage Celebrant of the Year. Having lived in Cairns for over 27 years, she acknowledges how fortunate she has been to live and work in such an amazing place. The length of time she has spent in the country has afforded her the opportunity to develop some amazing relationships, and through word of mouth, she has built up a sterling reputation in the community. It is a thrill to see and hear the passion of how Leisel speaks about her job. In fact, as a company, Our Ceremony sees people from all over the world and interstate travel to Leisel’s paradise for a wedding location and experience that is unique to so many. Having the authorisation to legalise a marriage is a responsible and honourable role, as Leisel talks so passionately about on her website and when speaking to her, it is clear to see how much of a success she has been. Her biggest thrill is being invited to start each couple on their marriage journey, citing it as a moving and rewarding experience. Marriage is relevant in our modern society and part of what makes Leisel stand out is her inclusivity. She is keen to let everyone know about her beliefs, as she believes in marriage and welcomes samesex marriage. Plus, Leisel is keen to highlight that she practices what she preaches. She is very proud to share that she has a husband and has been married for 30 years, whilst also acknowledging that she has a beautiful teenage daughter. Regarding Leisel’s and Our Ceremony’s experience, the team have conducted many memorable and beautiful ceremonies on private properties, in charming chapels, botanical gardens, on iconic beaches, and on uninhabited Great Barrier Reef Islands. With Leisel being one for adventure, she enjoys the great outdoors and is always up for a challenge, something which is well known within the community. Personal highlights for Leisel include an underwater scuba diving wedding and a hot air balloon wedding, which were both a lot of fun. Whilst most of the ceremonies she delivers are in the tropical north, Our Ceremony has also travelled to remote dusty outback locations and interstate to conduct weddings. Celebrating or commemorating important milestones in life is Leisel’s unique selling point. For Our Ceremony, the wedding day is just the start of many more special moments to recognise. Whether it’s a wedding, renewal of vows, commitment ceremony, naming ceremony, funeral service, ash scattering ceremony, or graduation ceremony, a couple getting married with Our Ceremony will have peace of mind that they are getting the best experience. Leisel prides herself on making every occasion memorable, personalised, and special But why Our Ceremony? And there sounds like there is a great future ahead. Leisel often talks to customers about why she came up with the name, and why it matters to her what prospective married couples are looking for. A lot of thought went into the business name; ‘Our Ceremony’ and that’s exactly what she wanted to achieve with each client; a personalised ceremony expressing feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Leisel’s clients always work together in crafting their ceremony, so they can forever refer to it as their own. ‘Our Ceremony’ reflects this collaborative effort, and the leader’s aspirations to listen intently to her clients and meet their needs. Ultimately, APAC Insider is thrilled to see Our Ceremony pick up this award and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. There is a lot of excitement around what the future will look like for Our Ceremony, be sure to keep an eye on the Queensland area! Contact Details Contact: Leisel Pisani Company: Our Ceremony Web Address: Marriage Celebrant of the Year (Queensland): Leisel Pisani Jan23560