Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Green Gravity is an Australian-based gravitational energy storage technology developer. We take a deeper look into why the company has been recognised as the Most Innovative Gravitational Energy Storage Systems Provider in the APAC region, and the Excellence Award for Sustainable Technology Development in 2023. As a gravitational energy storage technology developer, Green Gravity has been making (technological) waves in the industry. The company is proceeding to demonstrate that its technology utilises legacy mining infrastructure to store up to 20 MWh of renewable energy in a mineshaft. Green Gravity’s technology raises and lowers heavy weights in a mineshaft to capture and release the gravitational energy of the weights. Becoming a leader in the technology and energy industry, storage costs are low, and the technology is environmentally friendly. Green Gravity can improve the economic and ecological outcomes of mine closure by reusing some of the 100,000 legacy mines in Australia, deploying a competitive clean energy infrastructure at the same time. Green Gravity values the circular economy, allowing the company to find ways to reuse infrastructure, improve the environment and create an economic benefit to renewable energy. What is interesting to note is that Green Gravity is able to stand out from its competitors in a variety of ways, which is why they have won this award. What makes them unique is that they reuse the infrastructure provided to generate energy storage assets. On the whole, the company works in an emerging area of renewable energy - the deployment of energy storage. That’s what makes this company so mindblowing, it is a new sector, but they have the experts and knowledge to make them a leader in the industry. They’re putting the environment and the globe at the forefront of their mission, not just their internal aims. Energy storage is needed to help renewable energy despatch when it is required, not just when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, and this is something Green Gravity realised long before other companies. Interestingly, Green Gravity utilises a new technology called gravitational energy storage. To further differentiate their proposition, Green Gravity utilises legacy mining assets to deliver gravitational energy storage. Excitingly, Green Gravity technology has the ability to improve the economics of solar and wind. There are trends to improve biodiversity, as well as water and waste performance, in the economy. Another reason that the company has been recognised by ourselves, is that it has outstanding credentials in these factors relative to other energy storage solutions. The trend toward more ecological land use is also supported by the newest and brightest technology, developed by this up-and-coming, exciting firm. By providing new ways to utilise disturbed legacy mining sites, Green Gravity reduces the impact mining has on the environment. These qualities are instrumental in delivering the achievements, such as this exciting APAC award! With an eye on the future, it is wonderful to see that Green Gravity has an exciting 2023 ahead. There are largescale demonstration trials commencing and by investing in a research and development facility, the team at Green Gravity will gain important technical data to complete commercialisation. The management and leadership team have also identified that they will also be investing in Minesite trials. This is exciting because it will allow the technology to be demonstrated at a large-scale in the full operating environment. Ultimately, Green Gravity is also making investments in advanced digital capabilities which will allow the technology to be easily adapted to a variety of legacy mineshaft conditions. Through investing in artificial intelligence-enabled systems, the major benefit for the company will be that it speeds up the commercialisation of the company’s technology. Company Name: Green Gravity Contact Name: Fionna Millikan Web Address: Most Innovative Gravitational Energy Storage Systems Provider – APAC & Excellence Award for Sustainable Technology Development 2023 Jan23571 Green Gravity