Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Passionate about equity of access for people living with disability, certified, trained and registered bookkeeper Elizabeth Taylor founded Tropical North Bookkeeping, which predominantly works with individuals and families to manage their NDIS funding. The company considers the needs and goals of each client and therefore provides a trustworthy and individualised service which aims to help them get the most out of their funding. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for long term support directly to people living with disability. It provides individuals and families with peace of mind, assuring them that they will have access to the care they need for as long as they need it. The funding facilitates access to support and tools which help individuals with disability get involved in the community, volunteer, work, and live a healthy and active lifestyle. With an experienced team, Tropical North Bookkeeping is both a general business bookkeeper and a registered NDIS plan management provider. The company works predominantly with people with disability, helping them manage their NDIS funding and pay for services promptly. As well as this, it aims to help individuals understand their funding and its capacity. The company has 5 years of experience as a registered NDIS plan provider and prides itself on its ability to help individuals access their needs, goals, desires, and ambitions through careful planning and strategies. The company offers NDIS Funding Plan Management with a personalised touch. Unlike with a large company or accounting firm, those who choose Tropical North Bookkeeping are able to work with an industry professional who walks the same road as her clients. Elizabeth Taylor, who founded the company, is an autistic woman and a NDIS participant herself. She is also a carer for a number of neurodivergent young people. As a result, she has experienced the struggles of her clients and understands the challenges and requirements of managing NDIS funding from both sides. Liz and her team are passionate about equal access for individuals living with disability and therefore aims to help their clients experience the maximum benefit of their funding, providing them with consistent and reliable information with no conflicting messages. Throughout her life, Liz has grown to understand herself and her strengths. As a result, Tropical North Bookkeeping recognises its staff’s unique life journeys and skill sets and aims to help them develop their strengths. This contributes to the quality of the company’s services and its success in customer testimonies. Given the work it does, the company keeps equity at the centre of its culture, welcoming first nations staff and clients as well as those from both CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and disability backgrounds. The company aims to pass on knowledge through traineeships and mentoring, both internally and as a business service to other NDIS providers. The NDIS is a niche market which has been growing for a number of years since the scheme was introduced. This is expected to stabilise in 2023 with the scheme reaching full roll out. Following the company’s growth, Tropical North Bookkeeping aims to open a face-to-face office in Cairns and Innisfail in 2023, which will allow it to cater to Best NDIS Bookkeeping Specialists - Far North Queensland Jan23395 more communicative needs and therefore increase access to its services. Furthermore, the company has identified an unmet demand in rural and remote communities. Moving forwards, Tropical North Bookkeeping aims to help people with disabilities in these areas access the scheme by providing information and administrative support. As a result of its trustworthy and personal services, Tropical North Bookkeeping is 2023’s winner of Best NDIS Bookkeeping Specialists, Far North Queensland, in the Australian Enterprise Awards. With plenty of plans for the future, Tropical North Bookkeeping continues to help people with disability utilise the full potential of their NDIS funding. Contact: Elizabeth Taylor Company: Tropical North Bookkeeping Web Address: