Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 Aiming to increase accessibility in its community, Endless Possibilities NT (EPNT) works with individuals, families, and carers to provide people living with disability with high-quality everyday assistance tailored to their needs. This includes facilitating access to healthcare, education, and employment, as well as access to the community through things like shopping, attending concerts, and group activities. EPNT strives to make society more inclusive based on the belief that everyone has the right to equal access. Endless Possibilities NT was launched in 2020 by a group of people with longterm experience in the field of community service, bringing a diverse range of knowledge and skills to the project. The organisation was founded based on the belief that all aspects of society should be accessible to people with disabilities. Too often, these individuals miss out on equal access to transport, housing, community, and education. The organisation therefore partners up with people living with disabilities and their carers, aiming to advocate for them and provide them with housing, support, and socialisation opportunities. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for long-term support directly to people living with disability, ensuring that they can access the care they need throughout their lifetime. EPNT is a registered NDIS provider, operating under the guidelines and frameworks of the National Standards for Disability Services (2012). Taking a person-centred approach to its work, EPNT understands that individuals with disabilities all have different interests and needs, therefore the organisation provides them with personalised assistance in their daily lives. This may include help with everyday activities, for example getting dressed, maintaining personal hygiene, and moving around the house. EPNT’s friendly staff not only assist with these tasks but also equip individuals with the skills they need to be safe and independent at home. It is important that these services can be tailored and adjusted so that people can live their life as they want in their own home. The organisation also helps individuals develop necessary skills to use public transport, engage in personal interest activities such as gardening, fishing, or painting, as well as get involved in the community by attending events and clubs. Building clients’ confidence to go out and use public transport, EPNT facilitates access to healthcare by helping them visit the chemist and attend medical appointments. Additionally, EPNT allows individuals to seek advice on topics like housing and employment. Its accommodation and tenancy service helps individuals address barriers they face where they currently live or aids them in finding somewhere more suitable to reside. The organisation also offers support with accessing and maintaining education and employment, helping individuals work towards their long-term life goals. Standing for equal access, opportunity, and respect for all, EPNT’s workforce assists individuals living with disabilities while helping them maintain dignity and confidence. With people at the centre of everything it does, the organisation operates based on six core values. These are respect, integrity, teamwork, accountability, equality, and lastly its important person-centred approach. Offering a wide range of high-quality services to those living with disabilities, EPNT does not simply provide standardised assistance for all. It cares about the people it works with, aiming ultimately to improve their quality of life and help them access the things they need. As a result, Endless Possibilities NT is 2023’s winner of Most Person-Centred Daily Living Support Organisation, Northern Territory, in the Australian Enterprise Awards. Moving forwards, EPNT will undoubtedly continue to change the lives of many people living with disability. Contact: Antonio Lay Company: Epnt Web Address: Dec22549 Most Person-Centred Daily Living Support Organisation - Northern Territory