Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

it increases the ability to trust intuition, too. The unconscious mind is educated to heal traumas that stem back as far as being a small child, wiping out the issues that have been stopping the client feeling great about herself and setting her free of her mental and emotional blocks. As a result, she is able to take control of her life. Maz describes Creatrix®’s cuttingedge methods and teachings as “the future of psychology and personal development for women”, encouraging clients to work with their unique female design, rather than against it, to achieve deep levels of fulfilment and success. The process instantly transforms a woman from the core, enabling her to let go of her past and resolve insecurities and inner conflict so she can heal and reframe in order to be more productive and find inner peace. In some cases, Creatrix® has even cured pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia Creatrix® is so groundbreaking that it was featured in a full cinematic documentary entitled “Impact” which was released in 2019 and is now available to watch on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. For the film, three people were selected to receive coaching from the world’s best coaches for 12 months, and two of these had such deeply rooted emotional issues that the film’s director asked Maz to fly over to them to provide her coaching – otherwise the entire documentary on coaching would not have been able to proceed. They found Maz online when searching for someone who specialised specifically in fast emotional healing, was confident, willing to fly to L.A. within the month, but also had a sound, professional reputation, only five-star reviews, and hundreds of videos of evidence that she could achieve what she promises to. She did just this, set these women free of their blocks, and that’s how Creatrix® came to feature in a full featured documentary, and save “I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding,” Maz gushes. “I live and breathe training women in Creatrix® so they can change women’s lives for the better by changing the mindset, thoughts, insecurities, and emotions that don’t serve them, like magic.” the film in the process. Now, we find out what the Creatrix® experience is like from those who have been through it themselves. Leiza Mosley describes UIW as “a professional and innovative organisation led by women with heart, compassion, respect, and a desire to create profound support that enables women around the world to break through glass ceilings and achieve their dreams”. She continues, “Very thorough and leading-edge training to deliver its unique tools and techniques, with a high degree of efficacy.” Stephanie Serone shares, “Finding the Institute of Women International™ back in 2017 changed my life. Years of feeling anxious and depressed, seeking help from psychologists, doctors, and chronic pain specialists and not getting any better, I had lost hope in ever truly feeling happy again. The process called Creatrix® designed by Maz Schirmer completely freed me from my anxiety and depression in two sessions. I finally felt confident and happy and had my spark was back. “A few years later, I decided to train with the Institute and do the course to help other women feel the way I felt. The training and support were incredible and never stops. I am so fulfilled in my life, setting women’s hearts free with the help of the Institute of Women International™.” Michaela Macdonald says, “It is hard to describe an experience that is like no other, as you really don’t have anything to compare it to. Creatrix® is simply put as the best programme for women dealing with emotional issues, stress, or limiting belief. It is administered by women as we get it. It was designed by a woman who got it and it will continue to serve as the most appropriate healing for women in the future. If you haven’t heard about it, look into it now. If you have heard of it but haven’t done anything yet, do it now. It will be best choice you EVER make in your life.” Maz’s dream is to help 10 million women change their own destiny, through gaining enough coaches, leaders, and therapists to add Creatrix® to the top shelf of tools for women. As part of the programme, they access their own Creatrix®, so they become the evidence, and become role models of the power of the method. Company: Institute of Women International (now rebranded as the UN-Institute of Women™). Contact: Marylin (Maz) Schirmer Email: [email protected] Website: or