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of resources, information, continued trainings, and classes that are specifically designed for women to grow even further – I love this aspect so much! Maz, you have thought of everything!” Also a Creatrix® Transformology® coach, Josien HannemaRemmelts says, “Until this day I’m so happy and grateful that I’m educated by the IOWI. Creatrix® has changed my life and I love being a Transformologist® for four years now! Thanks to the very complete and profound training that I had from IOWI four years ago, I now have a flourishing and successful business which empowers other women. I truly love to set other women free from their blocks and limiting beliefs. Thank you, Maz and IOWI for making this possible for me!” So, what is Creatrix® exactly? Creatrix® was developed using epigenetics, the newest form of science that proves genes don’t necessarily determine one’s destiny, meaning everyone has the power to change the outcomes in their life. Maz hypothesised that if the process of a family pattern was passed on within the uterus of a woman, perhaps she would need to go to the depth of her own female intelligence that resides deeply within. If only this was accessible, Maz wondered, to re-educate the woman deeply from the inside, then she could rewrite her own destiny as a way to clear the pattern. Maz states, “You possibly inherited what your ancestors stressed about, ate, and were exposed to internally and externally. With Creatrix®, you can undo damage that is causing negative cycles to recreate your destiny and especially that of your children and the energy you supply to your current life.” Combining this science, her hypothesis, and learning that the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between self and others, Maz was able to construct Creatrix® into a self-educational and healing experience. The high level of safety built into the Creatrix® framework design allows this experience to happen so profoundly, because nowhere in the process, is the client herself in the scenarios within the story that her mind creates to represent what needs to learned. It’s the self-wisdom that elevates the woman to feel whole and complete, as if her past is no longer self-esteem destroying. Maz claims Creatrix® gets irreversible results due to the intuitive and emotional intelligence that comes about as the woman accesses her own inner guru, while the Transformologist® is merely guiding her, giving her the questions to ask herself. It may sound too simple, yet it lasts like nothing else. This re-education process causes a new level of understanding that, although the woman may have heard it before, is this time different due to the design of Creatrix®. This process can be used as the gold standard in personal development for women specifically, or any time a woman needs deep wisdom, even to activate creativity, or quieten head chatter. The real magic that causes the entire process to flow so effortlessly for women is the simplicity of utilising the power of imagination – one of the oldest ways of learning – through story, using metaphoric characterisation and perceptions which acknowledge that DNA is a malleable story that works with the plasticity of the brain to cause it to think differently. Creatrix® has the elements of a spontaneous, natural wake up call moment, just as Maz had experienced once, in which all who experience one report they never think the same again, being able to achieve what they couldn’t before as well as feeling stronger on the inside. In the shock moment, most will say it’s as if time stood still, the world went silent, and their faculties were momentarily suspended, while they gained a new value of life and the reasons for changing for the better… and the old thinking has disappeared. So, whilst reflecting on mortality, they reset to a healthier perspective on life, themselves, others, and the world. Time, faculties, or outside interference being suspended (helped by the Transformologist®) keeps the woman well disassociated and disconnected from her current painful reality, long enough to realise what she must to entirely shift the thoughts, beliefs, values, and even her attitude, all at once. Why most women love being a Transformologist® is that they get to witness and skilfully guide women to their own unravelling and realising, which makes complete sense to women, even if not to anyone else. They don’t have to learn how the brain works, or understand much more beyond the job of facilitating and guiding, because the method works by them staying out of it, not advising, teaching, or diagnosing. It’s that women are able, with a professional Transformologist® coach, to solve problems within a unique non-sensical story created by their own mind, which causes them to discover they have their own inner guru, accessible through Creatrix®. It’s this unique approach and depth of revelation, whilst temporarily suspending reality, that makes Creatrix® a fast, safe, long-term, natural solution to help women break negative cycles once and for all. Maz says, “It’s like the cells and DNA are learning from the issues and stresses, remembering their natural design was a blueprint of a content, happy, thriving person at one point, which stops the pattern of the ‘issues’ and ‘stresses’ even being able to be triggered at all any more that’s breaking the generational cycles, creating better, cleaner DNA for generations to come.” While the medical world is in search of a drug solution, Creatrix® is proving drugs aren’t necessary if a woman is helped early enough. It is entirely organic, as well as a fast, painless, liberating, powerful, deep, and enjoyable experience – and while raising one’s own emotional intelligence, Bliss Photography by Leah