Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23092 Born from a merger in 2015, Connect Staffing as grown from strength to strength through its dedication to a high standard of service, partnered with an indelible expertise in the recruitment space. We spoke with Director Paul Morrison to find out more on the back of its well-deserved recognition as the ‘Best Care & Hospitality Recruitment Agency’. Created from the combined history of Connect Health Services and Elite Hospitality Personnel, Connect Staffing has capitalised on the talent and expertise of both companies to forge its own path in the greater care and hospitality space. Today, nearing a decade of operation, Connect Staffing has cultivated a strong client base and reputation through its commitment to attaining the highest standards – which is, naturally, a key element of securing enduring success within the industry. Paul takes a moment to explain more of Connect Staffing’s history and how it has shaped its current reputation in the Australian recruitment landscape. “Connect Staffing was born from the merger of Connect Health Services (established in 2004) and Elite Hospitality Personnel (established in 2015). With over 15 years of experience staffing WA’s largest hospitality, healthcare, and aged care organisations, we retain a high-performing workforce because we don’t just fill positions, we help people find fulfilment at work.” Like many in the space, Connect Staffing’s leadership and team understand that the world of business is changing rapidly. Companies of all sizes need to be proactive, client-centric, dynamic, and agile to best navigate the swiftly changing industries they operate in. Recruitment is certainly no different, and in fact, must react to the fastest of developments. In this Paul agrees. “We are ambitious, forward-thinking, and open to change. Our drive for growth and progression is an attitude, not an endgame. We do what we say because we are only as good as our word. We are tenacious, persisting through adversity, learning quickly and always following through. We are partners, building relationships for the future, not just the present. We’re here for our clients’ challenges and successes, wins and losses, and approach every interaction with compassion, respect, and candour.” By every consideration, recruitment relies on clientcentricity. It relies on knowing your client’s needs, values, goals, mission. That takes time, and an understanding of how best to fulfil the recruiting criteria. Many newcomers into the space often overlook the importance of understanding a client’s individualism in favour of swift fulfilment of a position, which results in turnover. Those that have found success understand that finding the best person often isn’t simply a case of ticking the most boxes. But let’s talk more about the changing face of recruitment. It’s no secret that the pandemic changed the working environment – probably permanently. Connect Staffing Group has certainly kept apace of these movements and understands that there are more considerations to be made when it comes to finding the right person for the position, and equally, the right position for the person. “While research shows that most people covet, flexible working arrangements, few believe that it’s possible to choose when, where and how you work without sacrificing job stability and security, career progression or salary. In years gone by, many employers have viewed those who were engaged in flexible work as being less committed, reliable, and loyal than those willing to commit to fixed work locations and schedules. This undercurrent of mistrust between employers and their employees has meant that flexible workers were rarely given the same benefits and guarantees of job security. “Now, with changed market conditions and shifts in workforce demographics, employers are realising that to retain talent and remain relevant, they need to prepare for a future where autonomy over work schedules and locations is standard. Despite the recognition that flexible work is important for staff attraction and retention, there is still hesitation amongst organisations who are concerned that giving workers more autonomy may negatively impact productivity or further exasperate their staffing shortages. There is also the question of logistics of how to implement these new standards and normalise their use. We show both employees and employers that you don’t have to choose between flexibility and stability. We help them understand that flexible work is mutually beneficial and that it doesn’t mean sacrificing consistency or reliability.” Recruitment has changed, and business have changed to reflect the changing nature of the working world. Whether you are a business looking for new incoming talent, or a person looking for the perfect position, Connect Staffing Group has the history, expertise and network to ensure a good fit, for all parties involved. For this, it has been recognised across the country for a commitment to excellence, marking it as a paragon in a field in urgent need of those to establish best practices. By all regards, Connect Staffing Group is a worthy winner of the title, ‘Best Care & Hospitality Recruitment Agency in Western Australia’, with few able to keep apace of its services and reputation. Company Name: Connect Staffing Group Contact Name: Paul Morrison, Director Web Address: “At Connect Staffing Group we help every person and every organisation reach their full potential and envision a world where no one hast to choose between flexibility and stability in the workplace.” Best Care & Hospitality Recruitment Agency – WA