Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Established in 2020, The Towbar Guys is two friends who have realised their dream, having now built a company and offering that is unrivalled by other companies in the Victoria region. Here are the secrets behind the success of The Towbar Guys. Best Towbar Installation Specialists 2023 - Victoria Having been around for three years now, The Towbar Guys specialises in supplying and fitting towbars for customers who need their vehicles servicing, as well as other towing related works. It is a company which has seen rapid growth since 2020, and that is thanks to the expert customer service that the team supplies. Putting clients first, the team will do everything in their power to provide a unique service to each and every customer that comes into the shop. Whilst the work conducted is superb, it is the customer service which enables the company to stand out. Every client is given the attention they deserve and they are never made to feel like a spare part. There is a real belief in giving any customer exactly what they have asked for, as it should be. However, The Towbar Guys provides that extra element of personal customer service. If the client is a little unsure of what they need, then the friendly team are able to answer their questions and guide them in the right direction. It’s not just the service of the cars that makes this company stand out, though. The team also believe in providing excellent aftersales customer service. There are many companies who will relax and drop their standards once the sales have been completed and the money is in, but The Towbar Guys is slightly different. The company offers a lifetime warranty to clients, providing them with peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, the towbar experts will be able to fix any broken parts. Helping the customer to relax is just one element of customer service that the team find so essential in helping others. The team also ensure that they are always on hand to provide the best support, so if anyone rings the phone, their calls will be answered. Another aspect which has seen The Towbar Guys steal a march on their competitors is their willingness to learn from feedback. The team take into account feedback from clients, but also from competitors. But perhaps most importantly, it is a mobile business. It sometimes confuses customers that they would need to drive their car to a workshop to have the towbar installed. However, The Towbar Guys provides installations at the client’s best address, either home or workplace. Alternatively, if clients are travelling from very far away, then the installation experts can meet them somewhere halfway between their base and where they come from. Being flexible, it makes the mobile repair shop stand out and this is evident in the reviews. For The Towbar Guys, it is all about making life easier for the client. There will never be any surprises involved in the installation of a towbar. Internally, being dependable and honest are the most important qualities for these installation specialists. They’ve always got one eye on the future and that is why they provide transparent answers to customers, particularly where EV towing is involved, which is where the market seems to be heading. Fortunately, the business is very lucky to have great suppliers and partners who help to give them plenty of options for clients. The EVs require some extra attention and learning how to make sure that the towing will be smooth and safe. The research has been conducted by the team to ensure that the service would work seamlessly, as it would if it was a simple combustion engine. With these partnerships that The Towbar Guys have been involved in, it has been working with luxury and electric vehicles. This has allowed it to build a name in the community, but that doesn’t mean that the team will rest on their laurels. When it comes to all other vehicles, the suppliers present the company with amazing options. Ultimately, the future looks extremely bright for The Towbar Guys as it continues to enhance its reputation and offer a fantastic service to clients and customers all over Victoria. It is no wonder the company was voted as Best Towbar Installation Specialists 2023 in Victoria. Company Name: The Towbar Guys Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Jan23830