Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMa na 2r 23 28 25 78 0 Global Secure Layer (GSL) is a global IP Transit company specialising in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection and offers a range of security solutions to businesses and organisations. Its main focus is providing secure, reliable and route optimised DDoS protected IP Transit connectivity into Australia and throughout the APAC region. As a company, it provides flexible and scalable services and solutions which help businesses to excel and grow. We take a look at what has made GSL so successful and understand why many believe it is destined for the top. Headquartered in Australia, Global Secure Layer specialises in providing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection. DDoS attacks are a common threat to websites and online services, and GSL offers a range of DDoS protection solutions to help prevent these attacks. These solutions include both on-premise and cloudbased protection options. Being based in Australia, the company currently services the globe, operating in the AsiaPacific, North American, and European markets. One of the reasons it is so well-renowned is its world-class fibre backbone network and premium lowlatency submarine cable routes. Of the many aspects which see GSL help businesses excel, one of them is that it provides reliable and secure low-latency solutions to high-profile and top-tier enterprise organisations around the world. Plus, the company has designed and operates its own global Anycast DDoS mitigation system, highlighting just how advanced and highly qualified the team is. Below, we delve a little more into what makes the company tick internally and discuss what the future looks like for this leading firm. Although the internal aim is to provide an excellent and reliable service, there is a belief in the team at GSL that their fantastic offering will also boost organisations who use their service. Global Secure layer wants to use their expertise to help clients grow and enable organisations to leverage their connectivity options ensuring stability, reliability, and security for their network. This internal drive to produce the best results for external clients is one of the main factors that differentiate the firm from its competitors, but there are so many more. In comparison to its competitors, GSL offers a few unique features. With Points of Presence in significant business and economic hubs such as Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo, it has a globally redundant backbone transit network. This key feature is a selling point for the financial and gaming industries given their need for low-latency and secure routes. One USP which attracts organisations to reach out to GSL is that data delivery is ensured 24/7 due to complete redundancy in its design and construction. In addition, the expert and forward-thinking team has designed its global network to provide availability and reduce the risk of disruption and failure by using subsea capacity, core routers and edge switches. As a result, GSL possesses the lowest latency routes between Asia and North America. Furthermore, another differentiating factor is DDoS Protection, which operates in line with GSL’s network. As a result, customers have the option to utilise advanced DDoS protection if they require it. For bigger organisations, this is a key aspect as to why they opt to partner with GSL, as cybersecurity has never been more important in a world where cybercrime and the security of an organisation is top of mind. By surgically removing global threats at our network edge, GSL can ensure organisations network is secure and protected. Looking forward, GSL is focused on providing comprehensive and customisable IP Transit and cybersecurity solutions to businesses and organisations of all sizes. It is looking to continue its expansion across the globe, including our Points of Presence, reaching new clients in all of the markets it already serves, as well as finding a new audience. When you speak to anyone in the team at Global Secure Layer, they have one goal in mind, and that is providing protected, route optimisation transit services helping clients achieve business growth. Company: Global Secure Layer Name: Kate Holmes, Chief Marketing Officer Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Global IP Transit Network Provider 2023 Global Secure Layer