Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23188 Following Fernwood Fusion’s exceptional success in the Australian Enterprise Awards, Founder and Managing Director Di Williams shared her words on the award-winning company. Fernwood Fusion is where energy meets serenity, creating the ultimate fusion of fitness, wellness, and complete bliss. Brought to you by Fernwood Fitness, Fusion is the latest innovation in women’s health, and opened in February of 2022 to a widely receptive audience. Fusion’s sister brand, Fernwood Fitness firmly believes in ‘flexing the wellness muscle’ while supporting women in all aspects of their lives to get them moving. Overwhelming feedback from their members and the wider community was that some women wanted more from their movement. Although Fernwood Fitness’ mindful inclusions have taken inspiration from the wellness path, their team identified through market research that some women are not necessarily looking for a traditional gym membership or a yoga- or Pilates-only membership either. In keeping women’s health, fitness, and the needs of members at the forefront of the network’s operations, the development of Fusion stemmed from a noticeable gap in the marketplace. Born to give all women a convenient way to be fit and healthy in a way that works for them, Fernwood Fusion solves the problem of striking a balance between mental and physical wellness, making movement accessible to those that may not consider the traditional gym model or other paid exercise memberships. Fernwood Fusion gives members that real fitness feeling with the added benefits of wellness and mindfulness by including yoga, Pilates plus more intense workouts . It appeals to both the fitness and wellness markets, acting as the perfect middle ground where members can feel comfortable and confident in all aspects of their lives, in spaces where they can stretch, sweat, and simply breathe. Women of all fitness levels, abilities and life journeys are welcomed. Fusion provides an instructor class-based offering that includes mat and reformer Pilates, slow flow yoga and yin yoga, barre, meditation, and their signature style, FusionX classes. Combining Pilates, yoga and barre, FusionX is the ultimate HIIT-style workout with a balanced blend of mind and body – it’s short, sweet, and sweaty. The Fusion Mordialloc studio also includes virtual offerings every 45 minutes that allows women to come to the studio at any time to use our premium equipment and complete a class under the instruction of our video on demand instructors. This houses over 100 classes and is a great add on for the busy woman. The Fernwood Fusion model is complimentary to the traditional Fernwood Fitness model, as it increases consumer choice and availability, with this unique and uber competitive brand vision. Studios feature state-of-the-art equipment in a premium space, with the addition of outstanding customer service and expert instructors to bolster the fitness journey of every woman. By combining fitness and wellbeing in a boutique experience, Fernwood Fusion shares programs and services that nurture good health and connections, in turn addressing and overcoming the objective need for an innovative and empowering fitness and wellness experience for women. All of Fusion’s programs are custom planned and designed in-house by Fernwood’s health and wellness experts, using ongoing community feedback to create programming that caters to their bodies, wants, and needs. Members at Fusion feel comfortable as soon as they step through our doors, supported by the tools and equipment they need to succeed in their goals and promote and active and healthy lifestyle. Being a franchise-based model, Fusion’s design also allows for a greater reach of potential franchisees, being a more affordable and easier model to enter into. The smaller spaces (compared to a ‘big box’ gym) mean a smaller footprint, lower overheads, and an easier entry point for those wanting to own their own fitness business. As some wanting to enter the health and fitness industry may be financially limited, Fusion gives more prospective franchisees the opportunity to open a business without a huge financial commitment, while staying true to the overarching objective of encouraging women to get moving while focusing on their health and wellness. Fusion’s staff, as well as prospective franchisees, are carefully vetted to ensure alignment with Fusion’s core brand values, a deep passion for the health and wellness, and the knowledge the movement is essential for the body and mind in more ways than one. As this is a more boutique style offering with a smaller footprint, staff really get to know and understand the members , remember names and develop deeper connections. This is integral to the brand’s success and core offerings as a whole, and the curated programs on offer for women that want the total package in one place. Since its inception, Fernwood Fusion’s necessity and relevance in the health, fitness and wellness space has become increasingly evident. Recognised as Victoria’s State Finalist for the Industry Innovation Award within AUSactive’s 2022 Awards Program and winning the Most Innovative New Fitness Concept 2023 at APAC Insider’s Business Awards, the brand is guaranteed to continue gaining momentum and changing the lives of women in its own rite. Most Innovative New Fitness Concept 2023