Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 Inverloch3996 | @realty (Inverloch3996) is a modern and forward-thinking real estate partnership that is growing every day, bringing a fresh upgrade to an industry that has been largely unchanged for several decades. We take a closer look at the success of the company that has been bestowed with the title of the Most Innovative Nationwide Real Estate Partnership in Victoria. As well as possessing a unique name, Inverloch3996 is changing the landscape of the media world. The company acknowledges and realises that it is no longer necessary for agencies to have a brickand-mortar storefront. In 2023, everything has moved online, and it is so crucial that all companies have an online presence. So, the new shopfront window is online and has adapted by being mobile and tech-savvy with a hyper-local engaged audience. There is no one that has done this better in Victoria than Inverloch3996. What makes Inverloch3996 so successful is that it has identified the trends and adapted its offering to ensure it can meet demand. The company’s leadership team notes that in Australia, the stats now show that the average person spends 47 hours online per week – that’s more than a working week. As a result, the way the digital agent that is Inverloch3996 is advertising properties for sale is dramatically changing, and from what we can see, it is working. As part of the company’s successful approach, it has developed an internal culture which has led the team to believe in transparency, honesty, and flexibility. If an employee can hold these kinds of qualities, then they can certainly contribute to the achievements of the company. It also works both ways, however. The company practices what it preaches. It asks that employees be transparent, honest, and flexible, and it gives the same back. As long as staff members are producing results, then the team can work from the comfort of their own home, or even rent a space in a work office. Thanks to the invention of custom software, employees can have everything they need to run the business from their fingertips. We’ve spoken about the internal values at Inverloch3996, but the same values are applied when working with clients. Placing a focus on transparency, the company is open with customers and clients, utilising the team’s digital excellence to help home sellers achieve the very best results they can. Because of the way the internet has developed in the past few years, home selling has to be online now, and Inverloch3996 has stolen a march on the market thanks to the technology it has developed, as well as its partnerships. Delving a little more into the partnership between Inverloch3996 and @realty, it is easy to understand why the business is a leader in the market. The innovation on both sides is clear to see. Inverloch3996 now has access to a wide range of real estate professionals that the team can reach in ways they had never dreamed of. Over the last eight years, its people have been able to reach and create an audience of over 30,000 people who either love or would love to live in the Victoria region, reducing reliance on the major real estate portals. When it comes to buying and selling properties, these are perhaps the most important decisions a person can make Most Innovative Nationwide Real Estate Partnership - VIC Jan23860 in life. It is not just a simple commitment but one that takes a lot of planning. The team at Inverloch3996 know that they are the future as they are making these decisions a lot easier for buyers and sellers. This is due to the fact that current decisions are made based on out-of-date data. Ultimately, Inverloch3996 has a goal of making life much easier for home sellers. With the technology and partnerships at the team’s disposal, it looks like they are making a dream a reality. Company Name: Inverloch3996 | @realty Contact Name: Leo Edwards Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]