Singapore Business Awards 2023

Dec22607 Princeton Digital Group (PDG) is a leading developer and operator of internet infrastructure and delivers agile data centre services to support SME, MNC, and hyperscale expansion. We find out more from the firm’s managing director as it celebrates a win at this year’s Singapore Business Awards. Established in 2017, Princeton Digital Group is a market leader in Asia’s hyperscale data centre market, with a presence in five countries and a portfolio of 20 data centres and 600 MW capacity. PDG has a solid growth pipeline to establish more data centres in the region. Headquartered in Singapore, with further presence and operations in China, India, Indonesia, and Japan, the firm’s portfolio of data centres powers the expansion of hyperscalers and enterprises in one of the fastest-growing digital economies across Asia. “We are committed to delivering hyperscale grade capacity at global standards to our customers in the region,” explains Asher Ling, the firm’s managing director, talking about the company’s core values. “Our continued track record of delivering on our commitments is a key factor that makes PDG the partner of choice for hyperscalers across Asia Pacific.” Asher has spent several years in the data centre industry. He previously led Kingsland’s business from the ground up, focusing on sales and business development, while holding responsibilities overseeing finance, engineering, and operations. His background also extends to working with KPMG and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Alongside Asher, PDG is led by a world-class team with extensive operating experience in the global telecom, internet, cloud, and real estate sectors. In this ever-evolving and fast-paced industry, there are several key factors that set the PDG SG1 team apart from the competition. Amid coping with rapidly changing government regulations and building out the new whitespace data centre, the Singapore team achieved 100% uptime service level commitments for existing clients throughout the transition, all whilst protecting the health and safety of staff. “The operations team has been working extensively to integrate the existing facilities, which included a major reconstruction,” Asher continues. “In less than a year, the team successfully completed integration of workstreams that involved operational retraining and enhancing functional expertise. Following that, the team shifted focus from operational readiness among the existing and newly acquired facilities to operational excellence at the group level.” In 2022, the team achieved the market leading M&O Stamp of Approval certification from the Uptime Institute, a global leader in data centre operation certifications with more than 2,500 certifications issued in over 110 countries. Uptime Institute is widely regarded as the benchmark for industry standard design, construction, and ongoing operations. The Singapore operations team also spent over six months (from December 2021 to May 2022) optimising the existing operations flow by limiting human errors, enhancing uptime percentages, and improving working conditions. “This certification provides customers with added assurance and demonstrates our team’s high level of commitment to achieving operational excellence,” Asher states. “It differentiates PDG’s value-add through best-in-class services, as many other mature data centre platforms are not qualified for this certification.” In addition, the SG1 facility also achieved two new certifications: ISO 50001: 2018 and SS564: Part 1: 2020. ISO 50001. These international standard certifications provide a framework around energy management and improving energy use. The SS564 is a Singapore standard that assesses the planning, building, operating, and maintenance of a sustainable data centre. These certifications were a result of downward trending of PUE from 1.91 to 1.60 in September 2021 (across a year), together with a significant improvement in WUE from 4.2 m3/MWh to 2.6 m3/MWh. Yet another achievement was upgrading SG1’s existing HVAC systems to improve sustainability. This exercise included reprogramming SG1’s SMARDT chillers to boost efficiency, making changes to the cooling configuration and adding optimisations to the air supply and fan speed. Condenser water supply was also adjusted. As well as these attainments, PDG was also ecognized in the Singapore Business Awards and named Best International Internet Infrastructure Company 2023. Understandably delighted with this prestigious accolade, Asher is keen to highlight the work done by the dedicated team as a key factor in the firm’s success story. “These achievements are solid testaments to the team that prides itself on delivering outstanding performance,” he enthuses. “It greatly demonstrates the team’s growth in terms of people, process, and technology. Our people are an asset that differentiates PDG from our competitors, and we are committed to cultivating and encouraging a collaborative and cohesive working culture. Our Singapore operations team consists of a group of highly experienced, local data centre experts. The positive team dynamics is fostered through a robust sense of unity and grit, working in a ‘family-like’ environment where everyone is in constant, strong communication in their quest for excellence.” Over the past two years, the Singapore team has overcome numerous challenges with limited resources and strived to maintain the highest level of operational excellence. The team also deeply believes in a customer-first culture, where they work in close collaboration with customers to resolve any concerns and address issues. Now, looking to the future, Asher believes that this exceptional client focus will stand the company in good stead moving forward. “Our customer-first philosophy sets a strong foundation for building trust and achieving customer satisfaction.” Contact: Asher Ling Company: Princeton Digital Group Web Address: Best International Internet Infrastructure Company 2023