Singapore Business Awards 2023

Selling corporate gifts may seem easy, but selling a brand experience is another matter entirely! Gift Market Pte Ltd (Gift Market) is an expert company delivering both the tangible product and of sparking the delight needed to help grow its clients’ brands successfully. We find out more as we speak to Reny Tham following firm picking up a Singapore Business Award. Most Engaging Corporate Gifting Solutions Provider 2023 Corporate gifting website Gift Market Pte Ltd doesn’t just deliver gifts, it aims to bring that touch of delight and joy to all of its stakeholders through carefully curating, customising, and creating each gifting solution to fit its clients’ specific target audiences and deliver key brand messages at the same time. “In this journey of creating excitement, awe, loyalty, and mindshare through gifts, we are your partners,” enthuses Reny Tham, the company’s Business Development Manager. “Our vision is to spark delight in brand appreciation and curate relationships as well as gifts!” Through its extensive network of more than 100 suppliers and a dedicated and experienced consultative team, which is on standby to help take brands to the next level, Gift Market does just this! With its core business being corporate gifting, web solutions, and events experience, the firm aims to engage both its clients’ internal and external stakeholders. “We want to be known as a brand that takes a proactive stance and ensures we deliver something delightful in every service touchpoint,” continues Reny, who has a demonstrated history of working in the tourism industry, as well as being skilled in strategic business planning, and curating endto-end experiences. “We do things with CARE (Consultative, Aspiring, Receptive, and Enthusiasm)! These are the core commitments that we have evolved over time and which we live by each and every day.” Differentiating in such a fiercely competitive industry is tough, however Gift Market ensures that it stands head and shoulders above others by offering so much more to the gift buying experience for its clients. It provides customised consultation services and brand engagement, positioning itself as a solutions provider to its customer’s needs. By doing this value-add service, the company deep dives into both user experience exploration and increasing the ROI returns of its clients’ campaigns. “Through our consultancy services, we diversify into a non-gifting business to help our clients to solve their issues,” Reny elaborates. “But most importantly, we strive to bring happiness to every client/user who then receives any of Gift Market’s product or services.” With such a large and expansive range of products available on its website, it’s also important that Gift Market’s people stand out from the rest and Reny describes the loyal staff base as “nurturers of the company”. When recruiting, it is important that the firm employs people who are the right fit, as well as those with the right qualifications and experience, too. “Our culture was never created overnight; it was through a turning point when we prioritise our team members’ health over business during peak season,” she continues. “We create open communication through regular town hall sessions, intimate informal discussion, and through communication – We know exactly what our team members are looking for. Our daily dose includes positive engagement, commitments, and communication.” Recently, for its proactive approach, exceptional customer experiences, and hardworking and dedicated team, Gift Market was named Most Engaging Corporate Gifting Solutions Provider 2023 in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Understandably delighted by this prestigious and much-coveted accolade, Reny and the team are now looking forward to a bright and lucrative future. “There are so many untapped opportunities which makes us excited, and we are happy to be the upcoming partners in delivering delight to both our existing and new customers.” Contact: Reny Tham- CoFounder of Gift Market Email: [email protected] Company: Gift Market Pte Ltd Web Address: Jan23026