Singapore Business Awards 2023

May22239 With more than 20 years of experience across the Asia Pacific Region, the founding team of consultants at Better Business Governance (BBG) comprises of professionals and experts from varied backgrounds. Sanjeev Gathani, the firm’s CEO, tells us more about its core competencies as it celebrates being named in the Singapore Business Awards 2023. Better Business Governance was incorporated in Singapore in 2017. As a boutique corporation, the firm specialises in consultancy and training activities focusing on the areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) including data privacy and data security. Whilst BBG may be a relatively new company, its management team comprises of professionals with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the GRC and data privacy and security. Its clients typically include MNCs, SMEs, universities, training providers, professional institutions, government agencies, and regulators. The company’s founder and current CEO, Sanjeev Gathani has more than 20 years of experience across the Asia Pacific region and its team of facilitators and consultants comprises of professionals from varied backgrounds. BBG’s core values revolve around trust, integrity, and professionalism, and Sanjeev tells us more about how these key attributes are extremely important for the firm and its trust building capabilities. “The type of advisory services that BBG undertakes requires a lot of trust,” he begins. “When providing advisory services, we need to gain the trust of the client before they will share their concerns.” Likewise, being able to differentiate from others in a highly competitive market is also of the utmost importance for BBG and, therefore, it positions itself in an advisory role, being able to listen and offer solutions to meet its clients objectives. “We at BBG believe that the human is the weakest link in any corporation, hence the need to create awareness and educate stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to discharge their duties and responsibilities,” elaborates Sanjeev. “At BBG, we also believe the working adults best learn through play and deliberation, hence our unique selling proposition of having these in all programmes and activities.” Sanjeev is a well-regarded corporate trainer and speaker and has delivered plentiful of trainings and exclusive talks in the space of corporate governance, data security, data privacy, and fraud and risk management. These sessions were delivered to both academia and corporate sector organisations. He has also written several articles in local newspapers on every day topics that matter to ordinary folks as well as corporate matters. He has been featured in Brunei Times on several occasions and had his articles published in the editorial section of the Today Newspaper. In 2016, Sanjeev was the first Singaporean to be awarded the title of Global Hero, an award that recognises the efforts put in to adopt a healthy lifestyle through exercise despite medical challenges. He is also founder of a social not-for-profit enterprise that helps obese folks to adopt a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise. Sanjeev’s team of dedicated staff at BBG play a significant role in the success of the firm and in today's talent war, it is the people that are a company’s biggest asset. Sanjeev strongly believes in nurturing and protecting what he calls the “crown jewels” of the firm (his employees) in order to get the very best out of them. The internal culture at BBG is one of openness and transparency. It is one where all are allowed to speak their mind but must agree to respect the views of others. When hiring potential new team members, Sanjeev personally looks for candidates with the right attitude as “aptitude can be inculcated but attitude cannot”. “I look for persons with positive energy, drive, and passion,” he enthuses. “I am not too fixed on academic credentials as that only tells me that on a given day, a person can give the desired answers. I need persons who know how to apply their skills and knowledge.” As well as finding the best talent to join the company, Sanjeev tells us that another challenge he faces on a regular basis is that of balancing work and personal life. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular taught the world several lessons about how we all need to relook at the way we operate and survive on the planet. With so many opportunities involving the scope and use of artificial intelligence, Sanjeev believes that the use of robotics and virtual currency are going to become the norms of the future and that we need to embrace the technology, which will play crucial roles in our lives. Having recently being named Best Consultancy & Training Activity Specialists 2023 in the Singapore Business Awards 2023, BBG is now looking forward to a lucrative future, whereby it can embrace technology to become more agile. “The use of tech tools and artificial intelligence is going to more and more pervasive and issues pertaining to cybersecurity and privacy are going to be at the forefront,” Sanjeev finalises. “In short, we need accept that change is the only constant in life.” Contact: Sanjeev Gathani Company: Better Business Governance APAC Pte Ltd Web Address: Best Consultancy & Training Activity Specialists 2023 Dec22591