Singapore Business Awards 2023

Feb22538 Origin Sleep Pte Ltd is a mattress brand that provides outstanding products to customers from different parts of the world. Trusted by orthopaedics and preferred by Olympic athletes, its mattresses are one of the best in Singapore. We take a closer look at Origin and its products to see what drives its success. You can tell the difference between sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your body and one that does. Having the right support for your back, neck, spine, and legs is vital to wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. Therefore, a mattress is an investment that should be chosen wisely. Origin Sleep Pte Ltd is a mattress brand that combines world-class German engineering and sleep tests to create the best products to support its users in the best way. It was founded in 2018 and has since expanded to eight countries across three continents. The team at Origin is made up of hard-working people who take pride in what they do and are dedicated in creating the best products for its customers. As they believe customers are what truly matters most, creating the best experience for them is at the forefront of all decisions that are made when creating each mattress. The feedback it receives is incorporated in the making of new products, this way Origin is able to make improvements that increase the comfort of its users at the highest level possible. The time and dedication put into each product, means that Origin is confident in its quality. It offers customers a 120 Day Trial where it gives them the choice to return and the delivery or returns of its products are free of charge – having the option to change your mind makes the process a lot easier when purchasing from Origin. Its approach is working, and it is reflected in over 50,000 happy customers in Singapore alone. “Olympians love it too.” Keeping away aches and pains is something that Olympic athletes take very seriously. They believe in Origin as its mattresses are not only trusted by orthopaedics, but they are used by other athletes every day – and they swear by the great quality. Three times Australian Olympic finalist and Australian record holder, Genevieve Gregson, shares, “Origin gives me the best sleep. I haven’t found a better mattress yet.” Creating the best mattresses for people all around the world doesn’t come without challenges as people have completely different preferences. It overcomes this by doing in-depth market research to understand common preferences before making its products available. Its products are made for people to use and love for years to come, and its goal to provide it to more countries as they continue to grow through the years. It comes as no surprise that Origin has recently been recognised in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2023, and now holds the title of Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023. We look forward to seeing it expand and grow its business by providing its great products to many more people in a wider range of countries. Company: Origin Sleep Pte Ltd Web Address: Best Mattress & Bed Accessories Company 2023 Jan23288