Singapore Business Awards 2023

May22239 Less than three years ago, Zinus Inc introduced Zinus Singapore which specialises in mattresses prioritising comfort and reasonable prices. It has grown to be one of the fastest growing mattresses brands in Singapore. We speak to its Country Manager, Marcus Goh, to find out more about the company’s success and its products. The quality of your sleep has an effect on how you show up to the world, so ensuring that you have a mattress of high quality is very important. Zinus Inc was founded in 1979 selling a range of products such as furniture, tents and more. Since 2003, it has focused on indoor products prioritising comfort. Mattresses being its speciality, it provides its global customers with a range of choices to ensure they have a quality night sleep at affordable prices. As little as less than three years ago, Zinus Inc expanded and established a sales subsidiary in Singapore - Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd, to make comfort available for a wider range of customers. Its success in the market is reflected with only less than three years since offering its products in Singapore. Its Country Manager, Marcus Goh, highlights, “We are now one of the fastest growing mattress brands in Singapore and we are one of the top online brands for mattresses in all major online marketplaces.” Reasonable pricing is so important to Zinus that even though raw materials cost rise from year to year, it is dedicated to bringing high quality products to everyone at a fair price to make comfort available to all. To ensure its customers are satisfied, Zinus values its clients’ feedback. It is analysed and processed through a journey the team like to call L.O.V.E, which stands for listen, observe, value, and execute, this means that each review is read through. Whether positive or negative, all feedback is taken into consideration to make improvements and personalise its mattresses to create the best experience possible for its customers. Marcus tells us, “We’re motivated by praise and innovated by critique.” To create the best experience in all aspects, the mattresses are delivered straight to the door of its customers’ homes in a box. To facilitate the process further, it also offers aesthetic, comfy, and easy to assemble bed frames and sofas. “We are here to design tiny reminders that life is good.” Zinus goes an extra mile to create harmony for its customers. Marcus explains, “We infuse them with natural ingredients like green tea, olive oil and charcoal, to eliminate harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde. Meaning you can sleep with a peace of mind.” In the future, Zinus Singapore hopes to expand its range of living room products, which include sofas, tables, and other furniture which will give more choices for its customers – for when they are looking to fill their home with comfort and beautiful furniture at a good price. Year upon year, Zinus has shown a dedication to its customers’ comfort and wellbeing through the well thought out products it makes available to purchase. Recently, Zinus Singapore has been recognised in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2023 with the title of Mattresses eTailer of the Year 2023. We look forward to seeing it expand and continue to provide comfort to many people across the world with its highquality products. Contact: Marcus Goh Company: Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd Web Address: Mattresses eTailer of the Year 2023