Singapore Business Awards 2023

Jan22686 Feb22538 Allowing doctors to do what they do best by taking care of the rest – That’s the promise of healthcare collective Beyond Medical Group (BMG). Since 2013, the company has been working on its mission to provide high-quality, compassionate, and accessible healthcare services to the communities it supports. We learn more about this forward-thinking company with its CEO Elayne Soh. Beyond Medical Group is one of the largest multi-disciplinary specialist centres in Singapore. The parent company of 12 private specialist clinics across 16 locations, BMG brings together experienced medical specialists who are experts in their respective fields. The company is proud of the culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous learning it fosters amongst its team of dedicated healthcare professionals. Allowing doctors to give their full attention to patient care, the company provides a comprehensive suite of corporate shared services. Finance, human resources, marketing, and IT services are centralised at BMG’s headquarters. By using this model, BMG is able to reduce its costs through economies of scale, eliminating duplication and reducing staff costs. Adopting one IT infrastructure, the company is also able to procure hardware and software on more favourable terms. We ask Elayne about other benefits of this business model. She tells us, “Our centralised headquarters also enables improved service quality and responsiveness. This, in turn, leads to improved service levels and increased client satisfaction. Our doctors devote more time to their medical research and clinical management, too.” Although its support functions are centralised, BMG’s specialists operate with great autonomy. They have the freedom to practise according to their beliefs and clinical protocols. Besides its specialist clinics, BMG’s subsidiary company, Beyond Medical Assistance provides 24hour medical help to patients both locally and regionally. The key service is to address medicallyrelated concerns and match patients with the right specialists as well as assist patients with bill-related issues and medical insurance claims. Cooperation between the service and private hospitals smooths out admissions arrangements, leading to a more holistic and pleasant experience for patients. BMG has an impressive awardwinning in-house marketing team. Good marketing gives the company and its clinics an edge over its competitors — its digital marketers, copywriters, and videographers are all experts in the field. Hand-in-hand, they’ve developed a comprehensive suite of modern marketing materials. The company even has its own YouTube channel, Beyond Medical TV, which features in-house production ‘My Grandma Also Know’, a series developed to present complex health information in a fun, easyto-digest way. BMG has also invested substantially in its sales team and call centre. Elayne explains, “The team has a thorough understanding of the clinic’s services and offerings. This includes our specialities, the latest medical technologies, and treatment options available. They are effective at communicating the value of the clinic to potential patients and matching patients with the right specialists. This department is the key to building and maintaining our relationships with potential patients. By building trust and fostering positive relationships, our sales team increases the chances of patients returning for follow-ups and boosts social referrals within the ecosystem.” Looking to the future, BMG plans to invest in a customer relationship management system (CRM). This will facilitate a more holistic view of patient journeys and will help with future marketing campaigns and client retention. By capitalising on Singapore’s reputation as a top medical hub, BMG is planning to open at least three representative offices in neighbouring regions. With the continuously growing demand for quality healthcare and growth in the Singapore healthcare system, BMG’s business is here to scale while maintaining a high degree of barriers to entry. This, indeed, is a testament to the strategic vision of the organisation. Contact: Elayne Soh Company: Beyond Medical Group Web Address: Best Medical Specialists & Healthcare Management Company 2023 Jan23141