Singapore Business Awards 2023

Feb22538 Magnetite Singapore manufactures and installs a unique secondary glazing solution that reduces noise and heat that enters through windows and sliding doors. Dubbed “life-changing” by customers, this is the solution for those who cannot stand the noise or the heat, and also can’t change their windows due to building regulations. We got in touch with Business Development Manager, Claire Venter, to learn more about the company and this ground-breaking product. From residential clients in HDBs, BTOs, condominiums, and landed houses, to commercial clients in offices, hotels, meeting rooms, and heritage buildings, many of them cannot change their windows due to building management regulations. Thus, the unique solution of Magnetite couldn’t be more fitting; with no window replacement necessary, it is installed on the interior side of the existing window, and no change to the façade is seen. With Magnetite installed, customers can expect noise reduction of between 50 and 70% and a heat reduction of up to 70%. There is no hacking required and the system is virtually invisible from the outside. Cleaning and maintenance of the window is still possible, too, as it allows access to the existing window due to all panels being attached to the subframe with magnets. Kenneth J Foster, an energy physicist developed Magnetite in conjunction with MIT Innovation Center, having taken inspiration from acrylic windows used on jet planes and the tight magnetic seals of refrigerator doors. These concepts were combined to create the patented Magnetite technology that allows the benefits of double glazing without actually replacing the windows. “We meet so many people on a daily basis who suffer from stress and anxiety caused by noise issues,” says Claire. “One of our clients even told me the Magnetite in his home was “life-changing”.” Originated in North America as well as offered in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Magnetite also became available in Singapore in 2018. Across the board, it is the clients’ trust in the company and its offering that is kept at the heart of everything it does, with this remaining the motivation behind providing the best service and top quality installations. Claire Venter states, “Trust is the basis of all successful businesses and it goes hand in hand with our second core value which is honesty. When we provide advice to our clients about solutions for their noise or heat issues, we are always honest with them about how best we can assist. “We do not ‘hard sell’ our systems for the sake of hitting targets, as this is not how we conduct business. Instead, we give them practical advice relevant to their unique situation. If they are able to replace their window, for example, then we advocate for them to do so.” Then there is the company’s dedication. While its team is dedicated to making a real difference to noise pollution affecting buildings throughout Singapore, they are devoted to providing the best service and results for each and every client, no matter the size of the project. Indeed, without its teams, Magnetite wouldn’t be where it is today, making such a big difference to people’s lives. Claire tells us more about them: “Our team is made up of a diverse group of cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Our differences are what make us so successful in that we all have unique problem solving solutions, which, when combined together makes our team very capable of overcoming challenges. Respect for every team member is always top of the agenda.” Now, with the recent announcement that Singapore has a goal to reach carbon neutral by 2050, Magnetite Singapore is in the best position to assist current buildings in reducing their energy costs and become more energy efficient. As windows are one of the biggest contributors of heat gain in a building – being accountable for up to 87% of heat gain in summer climates – the Magnetite solution improves the entire window performance and turns them into thermally efficient windows. Most Transformative Glazing Service Provider 2023 Jan23166 Not only is this a great opportunity for Magnetite Singapore, but it also has a positive growth plan for the future. We asked Claire to give us an insight into what this entails. “We’re working with many interior designers to add value to their clients’ renovation projects. We’ve also seen an increase in requests for more commercial projects now that most have returned to the workplace. From windows in meeting rooms to beauty salons and even hotels, many are looking for ways to soundproof their windows without the hassle, cost, and lengthy timeline of a rebuild. We’re excited to see what this year brings us.” Company: Magnetite Singapore Pte Ltd Contact: Claire Venter (Business Development Manager) & Carisa Mann (Managing Director) Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: