APAC Issue Q4 2019

APAC / Issue Q4 2019 3 , 4. News 6. Sentinel Pty Ltd. : Monitoring for Success 8. 360 Global Incorporated: Building A Solid Foundation For Sustained Growth And Profit 10. Sanouva Danang Hotel: Blending Contemporary and Antique Style Creates Sanouva Danang 12. Outsourcing Success – Global Excellence in Customer Service 14. Sykes Asia, Incorporated : Welcome to The Jungal 15. On-Demand Transport 16. Avopiling Pty Ltd: Delivering Specialist Solutions Down Under 18. Expanding Into Australia 20. MyTVChain.com Launches Its MEO (Multiple Exchange Offering) 22. Supporting The Growing EV Market 24. Creating Strong Returns 26. Going Above and Beyond 28. Gaining Deeper Insights 30. RegTech Expert Predicts Singapore Will Remain Crypto Hub in Asia Contents

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