Q3 2022

May22545 Third-party certifications and inspections for products can be a potentially daunting process. Finding a service providing credible and impartial certification services can be just as complicated. For a service operating to the highest possible standards, with vast product knowledge and an indepth focus on product technicality, ANQAS is the safest and greatest of bets. The Product Certification Scheme operated by ANQAS Certification Sdn. Bhd. is mainly involved with providing thirdparty attestation to construction, waterwork, and sewerage products. Incorporated on the 7th of August 2018, it is a legal entity that provides certification, and inspections and acts as an independent body to ensure the quality and accuracy expected of a particular property are up to standard and that it meets all of its regulatory requirements. ANQAS offers certification services for products from around the world, offering Type 5 certification based on the Standard ISO/IEC 17067:2013 mainly for construction product regulated under the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB); Water and Sewerage Products regulated under the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN) for products demanded by Malaysian officials to acquire third-party attestation. It is a reputable board with serviced products from all over China, India, and Malaysia – as well as countries like Italy, Turkey and the UK – proudly displayed on its website. Having both national accreditation and international recognition as well offering its product testing and assessment of system quality services, to an internationally recognised and appropriate standard, ANQAS is changing the pace of its industry. To deliver trusted product certificates, with confidence, that meet its clients’ expectations is ANQAS’s mission. The establishment’s vision is to become the worldwide preference for Product Certification Services, providing a one-stop for certification knowledge, including product technicalities, standards regulated by Malaysia’s authority, and procedures to register as Malaysia’s supplier. Its dedication and commitment to delivering client satisfaction whilst acting with integrity are the keys to its success, ensuring everything is right the first time and carefully considering each client’s situation and needs. The focus on these elements is vital to ensure that, when the business is concluded, the product and client will not be subject to future issues – as is the standard ANQAS has set. ANQAS is host to a team of innovative minds with a versatile business operation model that continuously improves to retain the best resources for company operation and ensure high output and overall efficiency. Leveraging the professional expertise its well-trained staff have developed, in certification activity, to deliver its mission and values – it is constantly learning and improving on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by the industries it works with. The ANQAS QA Department remains on top of this and provides for all of the training needs of its staff. ANQAS cares deeply about the competence of its personnel, supporting them through training, keeping detailed records and bringing in witnesses from the National Accreditation Body, remaining consistent in operation where certification approval is based on fixed requirements. Its personnel are the heart of the scheme’s success, and the establishment services its clients by proxy with its intense investment in its staff. Therefore, as the industry is constantly changing, with the development of technology and the field of product certification, new staff would not feel left behind in the culture of ANQAS. With its promises of competence, consistency, and impartiality in all of its operations, its wide breadth of official recognition and accreditation and the passionate staff it continues to invest in, it is no wonder that ANQAS has been awarded the Best Certification Body 2022 – Malaysia. Contact: Azman Idris Company: ANQAS Certification Sdn Bhd Web Address: www.anqascertification.com Best Certification Body 2022 - Malaysia