Q3 2022

May22239 With over 35 years of experience helping families and providing quality maids from Indonesia and the Philippines, Kawasama Maid Agency’s top-notch domestic service solutions frequently place it at the top within its industry. But it is more than just its provision of housemaids that has made it such a well-established and long-standing service provider, and it takes only a cursory look to see. Here we find out more as it wins this extremely respected accolade. Agensi Pekerjaan Kawasama (M) Sdn Bhd (Kawasama) is a professional maid agency in Malaysia that has provided its clients with qualified and dedicated domestic helpers since its founding in 1982. Boasting only the best service, delivering customised domestic solutions built from years of expertise in the industry and strict training and recruitment practices, it is confident that its team will help find the best maid for its client’s needs. Its mission is to provide reliable, knowledgeable, efficient services in the placement of trained maids to ensure the highest possible standards for employers in Malaysia – only recruiting maids willing to serve expatriates to ensure professionalism and understanding of the family’s needs. Its strict maid selection process is done in the interest of client/maid retention. The core belief of Kawasama is that a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable by managing and satisfying employers’ and workers’ expectations. Sourcing and hiring foreign housemaids, assisting those looking to work with them in receiving valid work permit applications – even handling passport and work permit renewals where necessary – as well as easy transfers of domestic housemaids within the country. It also provides an extensive insurance scheme for housemaids, covering all bases and going the extra mile every time. Its staff members are amicable and helpful in assisting each client. Many clients refer their friends to its company because of its good staff services. Previous Kawasama clients include numerous high-net-worth individuals such as the Malaysian Prime Minister, CEOs and other corporate associates, as well as many other VVIP clients. The agency’s long track record and top-tier maids attract equally impressive clientele looking for a trusted company to aid them with their domestic needs. Despite its already glowing success, Kawasama still has strong ambitions to improve itself and its services. For 2022 and beyond, it is in the process of expanding its team. The larger team will allow the agency to provide its services on a grander scale whilst improving the overall efficiency of its practices. Kawasama aims to build a solid team to achieve the status of Malaysia’s number one maid agency. Over three decades, working with some of the most highbrow clients are two colossal points for the endorsement of Kawasama, the team’s eye for detail in all parts of its processes – sourcing, transfer, training and matching with each client – indicates how serious the agency takes its responsibilities and its care. All its actions have forged the agency’s trusted reputation, and that hard work has been commemorated in its award for Most Trusted Maid Agency in Malaysia. Contact: Yu Chin Company: Syarikat Agensi Pekerjaan Kawasama (M) Sdn Bhd Web Address: https://kawasama.com/ Most Trusted Maid Agency – Malaysia May22569