Q3 2022

Jan22686 Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022, Malaysian company, The Sauce Project (TSP), has been churning out innovative ideas since 2012. An expert in communication and marketing strategy, TSP excels at visual storytelling. We speak to the founders, Khai Ning and Kat Soo, to find out more about TSP’s secret sauce. Most Innovative Branding Agency – Malaysia Based in Kuala Lumpur, boutique branding agency, The Sauce Project, delivers advertising with results. The company, which in the space of a decade has moved from a small design studio to a full-service agency, prides itself on offering compelling and cost-effective branding solutions. With years of campaign strategy experience under its belt, the team is bursting with industry insights. TSP considers itself an integral part of every client’s marketing and advertising effort. We ask Khai Ning about TSP’s strengths. He tells us, “We provide effective and strategic branding and advertising solutions to our clients. This increases the value of our services. We always try to look at things from the client’s perspective. This means we gain a deeper understanding of each client’s requirements. It helps us to address their pain points and deliver what they need.” TSP works with multinational brands across a range of industries, from automotive giants such as Mazda, Peugeot, and Kia, through to household names including Bosch, Abbott, and Colgate-Palmolive. As well as brand strategy and visual design, TSP offers a range of comprehensive services. Social media strategy, video production and even packaging design are part of the all-around client offer. Khai Ning says, “We maintain high standards of business practices through constant communication with our stakeholders. Running a branding agency can be challenging in a multi-racial country such as Malaysia. There are many cultural considerations and public sentiments to consider when executing ideas. But this also puts us in a great position to learn, explore and innovate. It makes us more capable in what we do.” When recruiting team members, TSP looks for a sound knowledge of graphic design. This ensures clients can seek advice from anyone at TSP and the information they receive is useful and correct. The wellbeing of the team is the top priority for TSP, Kat Soo explains, “We work to keep everyone motivated – a motivated team is a productive team. We pride ourselves in having open communication between every level of position and a work life balance is especially important in maintaining good mental health. The team is always encouraged to take time off and never to work outside office hours. All our employees have the flexibility of working off-site too.” Like most businesses that work in the digital arena, TSP has experienced a surge in demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Khai Ning says, “With the rise of usage in social media and e-commerce, visual communication has taken front row. Soon every business will have moved to a digital platform entirely or will at least have a digital presence. This will mean the demand for digital advertising will grow further. We’re always exploring new ways to convey brand messages to users in the digital space.” Over the next two years, TSP plans to expand its services and increase headcount to support its mission to become a key industry player. “Things are about to get exciting for us at The Sauce Project.” Contact: Khai Ning & Kat Soo Company: The Sauce Project Sdn Bhd Web Address: www.thesauceproject.net Apr22315