Q1 2023

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 modern legislature such as the Malaysian parliament’s 2021 trio of intellectual property bills. Using the increasing need for airtight IP compliance in a post-pandemic world, its clients come back to it time and again for its professionalism and tenacity, allowing it to continue pushing forward towards the bright future that is surely in store for it, its industry, and its clients. Thus, despite being less than a decade old, the trajectory towards further excellence that Exy IP is on promises many more decades to come. Company: Exy Intellectual Property Contact: Yeongboon Ooi Website: https://www.exyip.com Specializing in a wide range of different intellectual property legislature in the region of Malaysia, Exy Intellectual Property has recently expanded to Singapore in order to expand the pool of businesses and professionals able to benefit from its impeccable consultancy. After 7 years serving Malaysia alone, its expansion was made on an outstanding foundation of knowledge, one that allowed it to easily pick up on the nuances and specifics of a new region’s legalese. Led by expert Managing Director and legislative expert Yeongboon Ooi, Exy Intellectual Property has made itself a leading IP firm, providing the best in top-notch consultancy services and solutions, with business-centric approaches prevailing throughout its work. Fundamentally, Exy IP has made itself a go-to intellectual property expert in this way, with a keen understanding of IP commercialization and IP exploration at the core of its operations. By working with this at its foundation – and boasting an in-depth focus on corporate entities as its key clients – Exy IP has been able to take IP owners on an indepth journey to investigate the value and relevance of its intellectual property in marketing, branding, research, and much more. Critically, this shows its clients the dramatic socio-economic impact that good IP usage has. With its clients universally going forward to enjoy a sustainable future thanks to its work, it has helped a wide range of organizations from entrepreneurs to enterprises and universities to secure and leverage their IP rights in their best interests. Working with local, national, and international cases, its trademark, copyright, patent, industrial design, franchising, licensing, and commercialization efforts allows clients to transform their IP into revenue, always keeping in mind the driving belief that ‘education is transformation.’ In this way, it aims for successful outreach with educational institutes as well as corporate entities. Indeed, the founder himself graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in law, and now uses this degree to promote IP law literacy amongst his clientele, having gone from a young entrepreneur with big dreams to the successful owner of a hugely influential venture with clients laud it for its flexible, pragmatic approach. Moreover, the creature and innovative way it works ensures brand protection for its client’s IPs, with robust internal strategies that fall in line with IPR Consultancy Firm of the Year 2022 - Malaysia Sep22035