Q1 2023

Feb22538 Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Beijing, Hengdu Law Firm (Hengdu) is an award-winning large-scale legal firm providing legal services that are client-centric, practical, efficient, and professional. Its expert lawyers focus on capital market, corporate mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, business and litigation, and criminal business – all to provide clients with comprehensive business solutions that achieve results. Hengdu Law Firm’s lawyers are graduates from firstclass law schools, both in China and abroad, and they have an international background and speak multiple languages. As an integrated law firm, Hengdu currently has 1,800 partners, lawyers, and other professionals on its team, including more than 1,400 lawyers who provide professional legal services. Among Hengdu’s lawyers, there are more than 400 talents with master’s and doctoral degrees. Many of its lawyers also have professional qualifications, including certified public accountants, first-class architects, and patent attorneys. The firm is finely divided by 47 business departments, made up of specialists in capital market, corporate mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, business and litigation, and criminal business. Prior to their roles at Hengdu, its lawyers have been government officers, judges, and consultants, andtheyhaveworkedfortheworld’s leading law firms, accounting firms, research institutions, investment banks, and so on. Always having adhered to the core value of customercentricity, Hengdu has provided legal services to more than 20,000 enterprises. These clients have included stateowned enterprises, large private enterprises, government agencies, foreign-invested enterprises, well-known investment institutions, and others, within industries such as energy, communication, internet, food, finance, investment banking, and automobile. The firm hasn’t stopped there, though. It is always looking for breakthroughs. Always having been based in Beijing, serving the entire country, it now has a considerable scale and the legal talent in the most dynamic economic regions in the country. In order to keep improving its customer experience, it has set up 30 offices in 24 cities (including Chongqing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Quanzhou), with some offices still being established – in the temporary place of which cloud offices are being used to serve local customers. Now, Hengdu is proud to display its award of ‘Best Commercial Litigation Practice – China’ from APAC Insider magazine alongside those it already has in the form of ‘China’s Best Intellectual Property Law Firm’; appearing on ALB’s (Asia Legal Business) ‘Top 15 Firms to Watch’ in 2014; ALB’s ‘Top 10 Fastest Growing’ in 2013; and being consecutively named ‘Chinese Litigation Law Firm’ in 2012 and 2013 by ALB, because of its outstanding performance within the IP legal field. With each of these recognitions being welldeserved, we have no doubt this firm has so much more to offer and therefore so much more success yet to come. Company: Hengdu Law Firm Website: hengdulaw.com Best Commercial Litigation Practice - China Sep22038