Q1 2023

Mar22270 AMuagr 2 2 62 97 30 A small, family-owned distillery at the heart of Australia’s New South Wales, it would be fair to assume that Newy Distillery Pty Ltd is just the average run of the mill distillery. However, this could not be further from the truth. Newy Distillery embraces originality, culminating in beverages that glisten and shimmer whilst offering an array of appetizing flavours, including raspberry and mango. Newy Distillery defies convention. It embodies creativity, producing alcoholic beverages that are infused with vibrant colours, flavours, and even sparkle, transcending the limits of flavour and presentation. Indeed, the Newcastle, NSW, based distillery encourages ‘epic creativity and unconventional drink experiences,’ providing its customers with products that are sure to leave them wanting more. Beginning in Luke and Kimberly Storey’s shed, the family-owned business has experienced extensive development since its establishment in 2018, and despite the typical hurdles and a pandemic, the company has gone on to achieve great success. Newy Distillery now operates out of two warehouses – both of which are open to the public – and it runs an equally as imaginative cocktail bar. Moreover, Newy Distillery also ships its products across Australia, with its Shimmer recipes becoming a favourite amongst customers nationwide. Its Signature Gin also serves as a standout product. Comprised of 16 different botanicals, the Signature Gin falls in line with most of Newy Distillery’s products, as it is vegan, glutenfree, and low in sugar, making it the perfect addition to a delicious cocktail. From bright green vodka to fruity concoctions, Newy Distillery truly has it all, which is perhaps why its products have garnered an enormous fanbase within the Australian market. Mixed Berry, Chilli, and Mango are just a few of the mouth-watering and often unique flavours that Newy Distillery utilises, with each drop being a tantalising experience for the tastebuds. Thanks to the magical colours and glistening shimmers, the beverages are also a visual wonder, ultimately offering the complete package. The success of Newy Distillery becomes abundantly clear when looking at the company’s reviews. Full of five-star ratings and gleaming compliments, many of the reviews praise the company’s ethics, ingenuity, and flavours. One testimonial states, ‘I purchased the Musk Vodka and it is absolutely amazing. I contacted the wonderful people from Newy’s Distillery prior to have a chat in regards to this product and the flavour. They we’re so prompt and thorough with their response, brilliant customer service. I was so blown away with this place that I have now ordered 3 more glorious flavours to try. Have spread the word to family and friends.’ Indeed, defined by innovation, Newy Distillery has certainly earned itself the accolade Best Family-Owned Spirit Distillery – NSW. The company boasts an imaginative spirit that breathes life into each of its creations, be it gin, vodka, or liqueurs. With artistry at the helm, the future of Newy Distillery looks to be extravagant, radiant, and above all else, successful. Contact: Kimberly Storey Company: Newy Distillery Pty Ltd Web Address: newydistillery.com.au Best Family-Owned Spirit Distillery - NSW