Legal Awards 2022

May22545 Everyone deserves adequate legal counsel and representation regardless of the crime, the suspect’s character, or the circumstances. None recognise this quite as well as Mr Ugur Nedim and the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Here we take a closer look at the fine work being carried out. From Australia’s biggest heroin importation trial, allegations of corporate crimes, to ‘gangland wars’ in West Sydney; Ugur Nedim of Sydney Criminal Lawyers has an extensive and impressive history, as does his legal frm. From Bombala to Broken Hill, Sydney Criminal Lawyers appear in courts throughout New South Wales and across Australia for Commonwealth cases offering fxed fees and optimal results in the shortest space of time. All Sydney Lawyers team has years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, with its Principal, Mr Nedim, having been certifed by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist since 2005. As an ‘accredited specialist’, Mr Nedim had already defended clients in criminal and traffic law cases for over fve years. He went on to pass a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Law Society of NSW and has been selected by the Specialist Accreditation Committee of the Law Society as an expert in his feld. Additionally, as an accredited specialist, he is required to undertake even more training each year than other lawyers and must successfully have their accreditation renewed every year. As Mr Nedim has maintained his certifcation to this day – fast approaching two decades – there is no denying he is a true specialist. Any client seeking his services has the comfort of knowing that such an experienced and accredited lawyer is fghting their case. Even better is that he is not alone. Sydney Lawyer’s clients don’t just beneft from the expertise of a single lawyer, but the collective knowledge of a team of experienced criminal defence lawyers. All of its lawyers regularly consult one another to stay ‘ahead of the pack’ in the ever-changing feld of criminal law. They constantly devise, refne, and implement specialist techniques to ensure each of its clients achieves the best possible outcomes. This team approach shines in particularly serious criminal cases, such as murder, commercial drug cases, serious and sexual assaults, largescale fraud, robbery and other ‘indictable’ cases. Saving clients a great deal of cost, time, and anxiety is at the core of the frm’s practice. He fghts hard to have cases ‘dropped’ and is consistently able to defend and win serious criminal cases after clients have received advice from other lawyers that their cases have no prospects of success. When the defence is warranted, Mr Nedim works tirelessly to aid his clients – and he is extremely successful in doing so. The stats speak for themselves. Mr Nedim has covered over thirty murder and manslaughter trials, over 100 other serious criminal trials and a staggering 4000+ local court cases with an equally mind-blowing success rate. His fnely tuned procedures, methods and techniques for achieving desirable outcomes for his corporate and individual clients – creating awe-inspiring results time and time again. With Mr Nedim, clients can rest assured that they will be receiving the best defence, whatever their case may be. With a team of experienced and results-driven lawyers dedicated to protecting its clients, it is no surprise that Sydney Criminal Lawyers has received the public and professional response it holds. From its many awards to the glowing fve-star rating – from over 900 reviews – there can be no doubt it is an incredibly effective frm with a team of supremely talented lawyers. The spotlight falls on their principal, Ugur Nedim. Having practised law since the 90s and remaining the staunch champion of his clients even today, naming him Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year is a well-deserved accolade. His ability, knowledge and experience, combined with the results he has accrued, propel Mr Nedim into a class of his own. Contact: Ugur Nedim Company: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Web Address: https://www. Best Traffic & Criminal Law Firm – Sydney & Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year (NSW): Ugur Nedim